Fear of Aging?


An article was recently published in US Weekly about how Courteney Cox is scared of aging and is doing everything she can to combat what nature is throwing her way and on her fear of turning 50.

Courteney Cox says she grew up in a home that looks and aesthetics were on top of the list of family values. Her parents look good and take care of themselves. Courtney is going one-step further than eating well and exercising she is trying out new treatments to scare the aging monster away.

Now I ask you, do you have to become addicted to invasive and expensive treatments to take care of yourself, your skin and to look beautiful? The answer is no.

Over the last decade, major advancements have been made in laser treatments. In the early years  continuous wave carbon dioxide laser was used to resurface skin, while results are positive many patients suffered from redness and swelling. Innovation has brought about a new generation in lasers, however the price is still high and it is still considered an invasive treatment.

Continue reading here about new technologies and advancements in anti-aging....

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