2013 This Year Is All About Me (You)

Happy New Year!


Hey you deserve it!

Today there is so much conversation about the rise in narcissism in today’s society, it is even being referred to as the narcissism epidemic. The internet, mainly social networks, infatuation with celebrity media, easy money, and the shakeup of values and morals in the household could be to blame.

Whoa there, this is not what I want to talk about, I want to talk about the positive results that come from you, yes you , when you think about yourself.

You know that old saying you can’t love someone unless you love yourself? It might not be 100% true but even if it is 80% right we really have to start loving ourselves more. How can you do that? Take care of yourself.

Make 2013 About You

Eat better.

Try to eat more super foods, less foods that contain trans-fat, more raw vegetables and fruit, drink more water, use less salt.

Sleep better.

Get to bed on time so that you can have those 7-8 hours of good healthy sleep. Clean up your bedroom, you will sleep better in an uncluttered room. Buy new pillows. Try not to eat a heavy meal late in the evening. Drink a cup of soothing herbal tea before you go to sleep. Relax!


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