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Thursday, 27 January 2022 10:55

DERMASCOPE Interviews Award-Winning Aesthetician, Adrienne Shostak

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DERMASCOPE visits Adrienne Shostak in Washington D.C. at Bespoke Aesthetics + Wellness. As an award-winning aesthetician and top DMK account, we had a few questions for her:


In your Face Havens feature, you mentioned your business’s origins are from central London. How did you find yourself overseas, and what about the culture influenced your overall professional goal?

I landed in London by happy accident... I was working on a project cataloging art to a private estate. It was a one off project and when completed I decided to change careers and studied aesthetics with the intention of starting a private practice. I had been a bit adrift before moving abroad and found London profoundly suited me... the aesthetic, the history, the culture.  The "properness" of how to make conversation (make tea and talk about the weather), the politeness, the pomp and ritual was very welcome in my life.  So, just by virtue of living there, it became baked into my work with clients and is incorporated into our client relations here.  Also, I was lucky enough to be introduced to some of the world's most luxury experiences there like shopping and dining. What impressed me most was the time dedicated to clients and the sense of ease that accompanied the confidence of the brands and practitioners. I have always aimed to bring this same sense of confidence to my practice.


When it came time to select professional lines to work with, how did you make your choice?

I choose new lines and treatments firstly based upon results. If there is a great before or after, I want it in my hands! Also, I look for passionate reps and a philosophy which rings true. Having had so many skin issues myself, you come to realize what has a sound premise versus what is a clever idea! And then finally, the treatment room dictates what direction Bespoke turns to next – when I am treating clients, is there something I am missing that could help them more?  A condition I can't yet treat?  A need to serve clients better drives our expansion into new lines continually.


With many professionals going the more medical route, why do you think it is important to preserve the service of feel-good facials and massages?

My goal is to give medical-level results but with a luxury spa feel. It's important to preserve that service as for many women this is their only time for self-care. I want to give them the results they seek but also to make them feel good! And the trust and connection that arises from massage is literally invaluable to me as a practitioner.  It keeps clients coming back, which allows me to get the results that we need. But more than anything, I just love to connect with clients in that very personal way; this is healing work at its core and the power of touch is as valuable a tool as any I have in the office. Human beings crave connection and are in desperate need of this now more than ever.  Adding good massage elevates results based treatments into something even more special.


You’ve mentioned you struggled with your own skin issues in the past. Can you speak on the troubles you ran into and how that prompted you to open your own business?

I suffered from debilitating acne on my face and back throughout my teens and twenties. Along with that came pigmentation and scarring. I sought treatment from dermatologists and always felt like something was lacking... I was never able to achieve results. I was looking for transparent, flexible care that I could understand! So, ultimately that experience was an education in itself – in what NOT to do as much as what to do! In the end, I just aimed to be give others the care I was always looking for but could never find.


Why do you think your spa has been so successful and won so many awards?

I think we have been successful because the intention to help is truly heartfelt. I am my own best client and just want to offer other women what I would want myself.  We offer full attention and care in every form we can think of to each client – it's a tall order!  But it's the right way to do it, and I've attracted an incredible staff and clients by sticking true to these ideals.


To learn more about Bespoke Aesthetics + Wellness, visit

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