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As the holiday season quickly approaches, skin care professionals and spas everywhere are beginning to prepare their holiday retail displays, readying themselves for the new intake of clients looking for quick fixes before holiday parties and family photoshoots for Christmas cards. While many skin care professionals may dread this coming season, there are significant benefits. Not only is this a time to draw in major business, but it is also a time to sell products – maybe even more than normal for the spa.


Handheld skin care devices offer clients at-home treatments for maintenance, a healthy skin care routine, and a way to uphold their strict homecare routine (provided by the skin care professional). Handheld devices are also a way to improve business through sales. Adding handheld devices to spa retail shelves can dramatically increase profits by providing clients a way to not only gift themselves, but others, too. With the holiday season at the doorstep, it is time to take action.


Here are some of DERMASCOPE’s top picks for handheld devices that are safe for at home and in the spa and make excellent stocking stuffers.




Handheld LED devices have become all the rage throughout the skin care industry. What makes these LED devices perfect as a stocking stuffer? Not every skin care professional can afford a larger, overhead LED panel and instead must turn to smaller, more compact LED models. Handheld LED also allows clients to make the most out of their skin care routines. By providing clients with a clear-cut homecare regimen with a recommended handheld LED device, skin care professionals can take their clients’ skin goals to the next level. As all skin care professionals should know, LED is a great way to help target acne, aging, inflammation, and more. As a bonus, explain to clients how the handheld LED tool is just as effective as the panel used on them during their treatments. Handheld LED items are perfectly compatible and easily accessible, not to mention the price tag is significantly cheaper. An added bonus is to consider gifting one to a fellow skin care professional who could utilize this in their spa or on themselves. See some great options below from industry favorite brands.


Photo Nov 15 12 15 01 PMPhoto Nov 15 12 29 04 PMPhoto Nov 15 12 10 41 PMPhoto Nov 15 12 18 44 PMPhoto Nov 15 12 23 04 PM



Jade rollers and gua sha tools are also easy to promote and sell in the spa. These cool to the touch tools of amethyst, jade, quartz, and onyx stone are made not only for soothing and anti-inflammatory purposes, but also to relax and promote lymphatic drainage throughout the face and neck during a treatment. These tools make for great stocking stuffers, as well, as they are compact. 


Photo Nov 15 12 26 40 PMPhoto Nov 15 12 25 41 PM



Ultrasonic devices and cleansing brushes are also trending tools that both skin care professionals and clients can take advantage of while treating skin needs. Ultrasonic devices have enhanced the way professionals can exfoliate and deep clean pores. Cleansing brushes have allowed professionals to deep clean a client’s skin, while providing the client with a way to enhance their homecare routine. Both devices are great at-home tools that clients can use when not visiting the spa. Adding these to a retail display can generate quick revenue if marketed to clients who consistently need help keeping pores unclogged.



Photo Nov 15 12 20 16 PMPhoto Nov 15 12 17 07 PM


A final stocking stuffer that does the trick is a miniature facial steamer. Not all professionals have the means or space to add a larger facial steamer to their treatment room, but a smaller one can change a spa space and treatment menu dramatically. It also makes for a good gift to bestow upon another fellow esty who may be coveting one but cannot afford it yet. Consider spreading some esty holiday cheer by utilizing a facial steamer as a gift to another spa professional who could truly use it for their clients’ benefit.



Photo Nov 15 12 37 17 PM 1


DERMASCOPE loves this time of year. The holiday season is a wonderful occasion to share an appreciation of personal skin care must-haves and favorites with others. Consider gifting one of these many spa tools to a close esty friend or adding them to the spa retail section for clients to dole out to family, friends, or themselves. Enjoy this season and celebrate with gratitude and an open heart.




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