Skin Analysis Procedures for a Laser Treatment

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Before addressing any problem, it’s advisable to understand its root cause. The same applies to skin therapy. Skin analysis procedures are the steps taken in preparing the patient before the actual medication is administered. For example, laser treatment can react differently on an individual depending on skin type, type of laser used, or cosmetic products used before the laser treatment.

Irrespective of how urgent a patient might be in need of laser skin treatment, it’s always advisable to have a thorough skin analysis done for an effective treatment. The right procedure for a skin analysis before a laser treatment involves a series of steps. Be patient to ensure you achieve the desired expectations.

Before anything else, it’s advisable to understand the expectation of the patient in as far as the laser treatment is concerned. At this point, the patient is counseled to have realistic expectations. Once the client and the physician start reading from the same page, the actual skin analysis starts. Analyzing a patient with unrealistic expectations is not convincing enough.

Some of the Skin Analysis Procedures Include:
Skin analysis procedures involve checking the skin under magnifying glasses, taking test patches, or even doing a blood test to know the exact condition affecting the skin. No effective treatment method can be employed through a trial and error method. The precise cause needs to be determined through a skin analysis.

1. Determine the type of skin: There are many skin types, and it’s important to know whether the skin of the patient is oily, dry or combined. Once the patient knows their skin type, it becomes easier to manage some of the skin conditions. For example, scarring and acne conditions can be easily treated with regular exfoliation of the skin without intensive treatments.

2.Knowing the number of sessions required: Laser treatment sessions vary depending on the complexity of the condition to be treated. A skin analysis helps to estimate the number of sessions required for it to clear and this helps in financial planning. For example, darker skin or one which is subject to breakout requires many sessions of smaller duration while using lasers to treat aging or other beauty enhancement conditions.

3. Diagnosing root cause of the condition: Carrying out a skin analysis using the necessary pieces of equipment like magnifying glasses helps to unearth the root cause of the skin condition. For example, an acne condition requires a proper diagnosis to know whether the problem is associated with pore size or other condition on the skin.

4. Check the sensitivity and allergies on the skin: Although laser skin treatment is less prone to allergies, there are some skins that are more sensitive than others. For example, darker skins are more sensitive compared to lighter skins in as far as laser treatments are concerned. A patch test is recommended to know the sensitivity and allergic level in a patient.

5. Get the client's history: Other skin analysis procedures are specifically carried out to determine if there is a correlation between the current condition and any previous or genetic composition. These analysis results in personalized product recommendations as well as educating the patient on how to avoid the condition triggers.

What does skin analysis involve?
Skin analysis involves intensive checks to know the composition and structure of the skin. A thorough skin analysis helps to reduce the risks associated with any treatment. For example, after a skin analysis, it becomes easier to know which medication will be best to enhance the impact of laser treatments. It’s advisable to take a skin analysis irrespective of the urgency with which a patient needs a laser skin treatment.

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