Victoria Prince

Victoria Prince

“As women we are taught to be strong and independent with the ability to multi-task and embrace our “superwoman” role. I believe we can do it all; but, we cannot achieve any of it without proper self-love developed through intentional self-care.” – Victoria Prince 

Empowering women to practice self-love through self-care, Prince is a “Corporate Dropout” turned results-driven, Chicago Skincare Expert.  She holds the titles of NCEA Certified Licensed Medical Esthetician, Certified Acne Specialist, Published Makeup Artist and International Educator and Author (to name a few).  For over [18 years], Prince has continued to devote herself to advanced skincare options and wellness practices for women of color; which inspired her to create several beauty, skincare & wellness retail collections.  With the belief that all melanin is not created equal, Victoria curated her range of products to meet the needs of “women-on-the-go” that desire to look effortlessly enhanced with a natural glow addressing any imperfections along the way.  

Do Products Lose Efficacy with Long-Term Use?

Healthy skin does not happen by chance. Despite the flawless-skin mindset that is seen blasted across social media, beautiful glowing skin takes effort. This effort is divided into one’s skin care regimen and the products used, which are an important part of skin’s daily diet. Finding the best products for one’s skin type is normally the ultimate goal. However, skin may not reap the intended benefits with long-term usage of the same products. 

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