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Bio France Lab

Bio France Lab

24kt Caviar Facial Foaming Mask

Hydrate! Age Less. The combination of Caviar and Coconut oil are easily absorbed penetrating the skin deeply retaining moisture. The Vitamin E triad is a superior antioxidant promoting skin healing. More info on website.

(323) 846 5933

Full 24Kt Elite Protocols

Full 24Kt elite protocols step by step with live demonstration
presented by Bio France Labs


Known for her magic hands, Lisa Schwartz is the proud owner of In the Clouds Day Spa located in the heart of Davie, Florida. With over 15 years’ experience in the skin care industry, she caters to her clients’ specific needs, making every client feel special with her personal touch, and offering a wide range of medical aesthetic treatments. Schwartz is meticulous, creates a boutique experience, and feels excitement for every client she delivers results to. She is best known for her custom skin care cocktails, combinations of treatments to deliver maximum results, and her ability to create a true experience of being in the clouds.

Cold Cryo Healing Peel Off Mask

Cold Cryo Healing Peel Off Mask by BioFrance Lab contains ingredients like collagen alginate, spirulina cryogenic complex with menthol, edelweiss flower, arnica, and more. Being of the marine world, this mask has a refreshing cooling effect after an invasive facial procedure. All of BioFrance's peel-off masks contain no sugar, no starch, and no paraben.  
(323) 846-5933

Claudio DiFiore and Marc Rosengarten, co-founders of Bio France Lab

Both discovering a passion for skin care in their own right, they crossed paths and started something extraordinary.


Claudio DiFiore, co-founder of Bio France Lab, is Italian, born and raised in Belgium. When Claudio was a child, his mother managed the estate of a baroness in Belgium, where he spent Saturdays learning etiquette and observing how the aristocracy of Belgium took care of themselves. Claudio’s mother used all-natural ingredients, searching for the fountain of youth in her garden for her daily self-care routine. Claudio’s dream was inspired by his mother. He wanted to make the aging process as flawless as possible for less fortunate people.


Claudio studied horticulture, floristry, and podiatry in Europe. As a podiatrist, Claudio learned about the different aspects of the human body and received great joy giving his patients instant relief. As a horticulture expert and florist, Claudio was fascinated by the number of species and the combination of plants and scents. He soon realized that much can be done with the power of botanicals. In 2004, Claudio created an advanced organic botanical bath and body line using time-tested home remedies with pure essential oils. At the same time, Claudio expanded his skin care and retail knowledge, working with top industry leaders. After the success of Claudio’s bath and body line, he helped many other companies achieve success creating herbal and botanical based products. This upwardly advanced his career to the position of a managing director of a French skin care company sold in the United States and around the world. As a managing director, Claudio’s primary focus was assisting in the formulation of product, branding, and customer service.


In 2011, while enjoying a drink in a country western bar, Claudio crossed paths with Marc Rosengarten, co-founder of Bio France Lab. After dating for several months, they started talking about life events and found out they shared the same passion in skin care. In Marc’s early twenties, he was prone to oily skin and breakouts. He lacked self-confidence and was bullied in school. Inspired by his father, who was a chemical engineer and CFO, Marc went to UCLA as a pre-medical major. As a student, Marc was a sales associate in high end retail stores. With sensitive oily skin, he was constantly trying skin care products in the store that would soothe and mattify his skin. Ultimately, Marc would buy store products and add additional ingredients for greater results. This is how he began the path to become a maskaholic. Marc’s passion to achieve perfectly balanced skin has taken him from a pre-medical and chemistry major at UCLA to a career in skin care and a business degree. Together, Claudio and Marc complement each other perfectly in life and business.



“Marc and Claudio, the owners of Bio France Lab, are rare. Their service is outstanding and, combined with over 25 years’ experience and a blended to perfection product line, they are leaders in the skin care industry. Their honesty and integrity are a blessing to the aesthetic world!” Lisa Schwartz, owner of In the Clouds Spa

Claudio Difiore president and co-owner of Bio France Lab

With25 years of successful industry experience in Europe and the United States, in both skin care and retail with Lab-Series, Estée lauder, The Art of Shaving, and more, Claudio Difiore created Bio France Lab. This company offers natural and botanical luxury skin care products at an affordable cost. Combined exposure to both product development and branding for many very well-known skin care companies has yielded products that have been well-received by the wholesale and spa industry.




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