Amanda Miller

Amanda Miller

High-Class Hair Removal

Hair removal may come off as a simple aspect of the industryUndesirable hair is present, and the client is looking for a better means of removal – professional hair removal, but this is only the beginning – waxing, sugaring, lasers, dermaplaning, and so on. One thing remains certain, professional hair removal is on the up-and-up, and the sky seems to be the limit. Explore the featurearticles about hair removal for this month. From perfecting bikini hair removal to marketing these services to rake in the rewards, there is something for every skin care professional looking to expand their menu to include hair removal

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No matter which modality a skin care professional chooses to master, it is of the utmost importance that clients feel their skin is in good hands.Read through these articles to discover or rediscover the hair removal possibilities for your spa. 

Moving Forward

Every day we are exposed to so much new information on television and social media that our brain can hardly process it– news about the virus, vaccines, economy, borders, at-home sheltering, homeschooling – the list seems to continue endlessly, providing a foggy understanding of what’s to come. But, iIt’s not all bad news; – several websites are choosing to highlight perspectives of the good in this all, considering it the silver lining uncertain time.But, something that isn’t as popular in the mainstream media, though, is how the virus is specifically affecting the spa industry specifically

Grouped together with hair salons, nail spas, and medical offices, aestheticians have been considered non-essential businesses and have not received much aide from the government. Where does this leave us skin care professionalsas business owners, staffed employees, and solo aestheticians? How do we stay strong through the pandemic to ensure our business is sustained until we can go back to work? And what will the new normal look like once we can go back?

I reached out to a few of the leading educators in our industry and asked them to address the top questions like these and more things other coronavirus-spa related topics. Starting on page 00, you can learn effective tips on helping medical personnel clients take care of their skin, how to best communicate and stay in touch with clients during the shelter-at-home, what is appropriate skin care advice for clients to be doing at home, how to stay mentally healthy during the pandemic, and even how to immediately sustain and grow your business once spa doors reopen

As for me and my team, we are all working from home, tirelessly bringing you as much education as possible for you to absorb during your time off. Our sheltering at home will come to an end, and when it does, we want you to be as prepared as possible for the new normal. Stay safe!

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