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Webinar: Sweet Success: Saying Goodbye to Ingrown Hairs

Sweet Success: Saying Goodbye to Ingrown Hairs 

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When it comes to hair removal, ingrown hairs can be an annoying, persistent problem. Alexandria Professional's very own Sugar Queen, Lina Kennedy has come to the rescue. In this webinar, learn the basic types and causes of ingrown hairs before diving into what skin care professionals and their clients can do to treat and prevent them.  



Lina Kennedy is the president and CEO of Alexandria Professional, a worldwide leader in body sugaring epilation and skin conditioning. Kennedy is the pioneer of professional body sugaring and master trainer of professionals and distributors in more than 30 countries. As a beauty industry innovator, Kennedy has developed a full line of all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free skin care products and treatments that are safe and effective for all hair and skin types. Kennedy is dedicated to ensuring that each professional trained in body sugaring learns and understands the exceptional results they and their clients can achieve through the Kennedy Theory. She is a motivational speaker, the author of numerous articles in beauty magazines, and a multi-patent holder.



Alexandria Professional Launches Online Academy

Alexandria Professional LLC (AP), the authority in body sugaring since 1991, is proud to introduce its very own AP Online Academy. Obtaining the much-coveted Alexandria Professional Body Sugaring Certificate is now accessible to aestheticians regardless of location or schedule.


 “After almost three decades of perfecting the art and science of body sugaring, and training thousands of professionals, the AP Online Academy has been a natural progression for my company and my desire to offer educational mastery worldwide,” says Lina Kennedy, owner, and president of Alexandria Professional LLC. The AP Online Academy is the most intensive and comprehensive body sugaring course on the market today. We pride ourselves in teaching more than excellence in hair removal. On our quest to perfecting this unique hair removal system, we created the Full Circle of Skin Conditioning program – the most natural and universal regimen for your best skin and the key to permanent hair reduction!


At the core of our education is the AP Advanced Body Sugaring Certification course. This is the first step to becoming certified as a body sugaring practitioner with Alexandria Professional. This self-paced course will train you in the Kennedy Theory for sugaring along with our 6 Steps to perfect sugaring technique. This course is designed to meet the needs of today’s salons and spas for a safer and gentler method of hair removal and skin conditioning, ensuring each trainee understands the hair growth theory and how to maximize the results of body sugaring with advanced techniques. 


Because we want everyone enrolled in our program to get the most out of it, we have added ten hours of face to face Virtual Support with a dedicated AP certified educator.  It is important to us that each student gets the most out of this program and, is ready and confident to start practicing.  A virtual tour of the Academy is on June 26th @2pm EDT

Hand Sanitizer, 70% Isopropyla Alcohol + Aloe

Alexandria Professional’s Hand Sanitizer, 70% Isopropyla Alcohol + Aloe is a rinse-free, alcohol-based hand sanitizer infused with skin conditioning aloe. Available in small and larger sizes so you can keep a bottle handy in your home, office, car, and bag.

Full Circle of Skin Conditioning Travel Kit

We’ve taken all the goodness of our Full Circle of Skin Conditioning program and created an all-in-one travel sized kit to take with you wherever you go! The Full Circle of Skin Conditioning™ Travel Kit includes 1oz tubes of Salt Smoothie®body scrub, Sweet Cheeks™ facial scrub, Mud Puddlewellness mask, and Phenomen-all™ skin repair cream.

Salt Smoothie® is a Dead Sea salt scrub designed to exfoliate and hydrate your skin from the neck down, while Sweet Cheeks™ is a sugar-based facial exfoliant for glowing smooth skin!Following exfoliation, use the Mud Puddle mask to detox and purify the skin. Our Phenomen-all™ cream is ideal for daily use to keep your skin in the most optimal condition possible!

Buff Up Lime Lemonade and Balm Up Strawberry Lip Balm

Pucker Up! Buff Up is a yummy sugar-based exfoliant is especially formulated to eliminate dead, dry skin and expose the beautiful luscious lips within. A sweet fix for dry, rough lips.

Keep your kisses sweet with this non-stop moisture surge of Shea Butter infused with Natural Oils- a very quick yummy fix for dry, rough lips. Balm Up is developed to boost hydration, keeping your lips soft and smooth!

Alternative uses: Massage a touch of Balm Up into your cuticles to keep them in perfectly manicured condition.