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Barry Eichner

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Barry Eichner is the co-editor in chief of Lipgloss + Aftershave, a personal care and lifestyle review site offering fun and informative reviews. Eichner began his spa career in 2000, working as V.P. for a chain of medical spas. He has been an industry consultant since 2011, specializing in Digital Media Strategy and content creation. He writes for national spa trade publications, a published, editorial photographer, and a speaker at various spa industry trade shows. Eichner is a graduate of Bloomsburg University. He loves art and photography, is an avid fitness enthusiast, loves to cook, and a self-proclaimed coffee addict!Irena-Portraits

1. In one word, describe yourself!


2. What’s your personal mantra?

Do It Afraid

3. What’s your biggest guilty pleasure?

Bad B Movies

4. How do you spend most of your time?

Cooking, Eating Or Thinking About Food

5. Favorite type of skin care product?

Why? Serum – I love action items!

6. What’s something most people don’t know about you?

That I played the Tuba in my high school band.

7. How would you describe your leadership style and how has it benefited you throughout your career?

Motivator. I’ve always found that when a team is motivated anything is possible.

8. What’s most important to your business: mission, core values, or vision? Why?

Integrity. I feel that you can do anything so long as you’re dedicated to providing something good and being honest in how you work with others.

9. What’s one characteristic you believe every leader should possess? Why?

Flexibility. Being open to options and allowing your ego to step aside when someone else has a better idea.

10. What are the biggest trends in the spa industry?

I see a lot of brands combining beauty and wellness. Brands are starting to offer items form multiple categories. You can get a great lipstick from the same brand that offers advanced peels.

11. What is the biggest challenge facing the industry today?

Maintaining retail sales in the spa as consumers are becoming more internet savvy.

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