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"Managing the Ageing process is in part about great skin care skin, but to embrace a complete approach to health and wellness we can feel better, look better and truly define how we choose to age. Real beauty comes from within and shines like a beacon of light that moves with us as we move through life." - Trish Green

Trsih Green

TheraGenesis Skin Care, curated by Trish Green, Homeopath and Cidesco qualified aesthetician, is a unique collection of skin care products, designed for the treatment and management of aging skin.

As I embraced my own personal journey through the decades, experiencing the psychological and physiological changes along the way, understanding the science of aging helped me cope with some of the most difficult symptoms that occurred during the menopausal process. As my hormones changed,  of course, so did the appearance of my skin.

As a homeopath, and therefore an advocate of health and wellness and also being aware that science has demonstrated that taking a holistic approach to aging is ultimately reflected in clear, healthy, and vibrant skin, it inspired two things: my desire to continue to provide advanced education to professionals in the Beauty industry on the subject of aging but also to provide an innovative, science-based, results-driven, skin care collection, that contained healthy, ethically sourced ingredients, to meet the needs of today’s modern women.

Recommended for use in professional treatments and retail support, TheraGenesis contains organic botanicals that have been perfectly paired with modern science-based ingredients in well-balanced formulations. Plant-based stem cells, peptides, growth factors, and proven researched ingredients such as retinol, resveratrol, and alpha hydroxy acids, and more, supports both Day spas and Medical Spas alike to complement and enhance the outcome of any and all corrective and restorative skin treatments.


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