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Thursday, 22 January 2015 16:39

Spring Beauty Has Arrived

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It is time to help clients that are looking for a beautiful, soft makeup look. For spring, the ideal makeup is soft and light. Heavy, creamy makeup can be a client’s worst enemy – and yours. Natural color palettes are the easiest and most popular during spring. As makeup artists, our goal should be to make our clients look and feel gorgeous and happy.

As we enter a new fashion season, the latest colors for this spring come from runways for you to draw inspiration and help create a beauty transformation on your clients.
Spas have traditionally embraced and encouraged the value of inner health leading to that outer glow. Over the last decade, beauty seekers have pulled, painted, and prodded, using an ever-widening range of hair and beauty treatments and products, to make skin look lighter and younger. Spring colors will bring a new era of beauty that will focus on the nude, natural looks as well as bright and soft colors. In 2015, we will see even more of this back-to-basics approach that will grow and become a trend.
Defining makeup is defining you. Hot tips for spring are the inspiring eyeliner looks. I believe that every woman should view makeup as a powerful tool that can be used to enhance her and her best features, something that will give her a lot of confidence in the way she looks and will let her inner beauty shine.
With these new colors, makeup should not be intimidating. These are not rules, just guidelines and different techniques. There are all sorts of tips and tricks that you can learn and use to make your clients look and feel better. New colors and trends will help clients define their style. Every face is different and all makeup should be flawless no matter what the client’s age, coloring, or lifestyle is. If a client wants to achieve a certain look, I suggest using these beautiful spring colors for 2015.

Hottest New 2015 Spring Colors

  • Punchy magenta
  • Violet
  • Soft lilac
  • Sky blue
  • Sea blue
  • Scuba blue
  • Classic blue
  • Lucite green
  • Soft mint
  • Toasted almond (light tan)
  • Strawberry ice (pink glow)
  • Tangerine (orange)
  • Custard (yellow)
  • Wine
  • Glacier grayMain1

How to Achieve a Certain Spring Look

  • Cleanse the face with a proper cleanser.
  • Apply primer over the entire face.
  • Apply primer on both eyelids.
  • Apply concealer.
  • Contour and highlight the needed areas of the face.
  • Apply foundation (choose color closest to the client’s skin tone).
  • Apply powder with brush.
  • Define the eyebrows.
  • Apply a soft lilac base over the entire eye.
  • Apply a magenta color over the crease of the eye.
  • Apply a violet shade at the corner of the eye.
  • Blend three colors together for a better look.
  • Apply black eyeliner to the top of the eye, creating a cat look.
  • Apply black eyeliner to the bottom of the eye, close to the eyelashes.
  • With a smudge brush, blend the bottom black eyeliner.
  • Apply black mascara to the eyelashes, then to the inner side to create a dramatic look.
  • Apply soft lilac blush (according to the lip and eye color).
  • Apply a soft lilac lip color.

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