Blend, Baby, Blend

Written by Linda Tawil, co-owner and creative director of Morphe, Inc.
Blending makeup has never been easier since the invention of the beauty sponge. These small and mighty wonders are bouncing their way to the top and giving go-to brushes some major competition. Sponges are not only great for a flawless foundation application. There is more than meets the eye with these handy tools. Skin care and makeup professionals can incorporate this must-have into their services…
There are two types of makeup brushes – natural or a mixture of synthetic and vegan. Both of these types of makeup brushes require different care. Because the bristles of natural brushes are sourced from animal hair, the bristles are porous and require conditioning to maintain pliability. Detergent used for wool or cashmere is suggested. Synthetic or vegan brushes often have bristles made of plastic…

A Modern Take on Vintage Makeup

Written by Michelle Richardson, L.E. and professional makeup artist
Vintage makeup is always coming back into fashion with a new twist on the original application. Although there are new techniques, products, colors, and textures that change the old version of vintage makeup, history can be found with each new trend. Retro makeup goes back much further than the last 100 years. Smokey eyes were worn by Egyptian women thousands of years ago and bright red…
Just as muralists wouldn’t use spotter brushes to create new works of art, skilled makeup artists know which brushes to use for specific parts of the face. But, is that all that matters? Hardly. The choice to use synthetic versus natural fibers could be just as important as using the right type of brushes.
Trends may come and go, but fuller, thicker eyebrows are currently in demand! People who have regrets about over-tweezing or have a naturally thinning eyebrow are considering a longer-lasting alternative to drawing their eyebrows daily.

Magic Eye (liner)

Written by Linda Tawil, president and creative director of Morphe LLC
A little eyeliner can go a long way. From the eye-opening impact to the numerous application techniques, there is no shortage of ways to create captivating eyeliner looks for clients. But, understandably, eyeliner can be a bit overwhelming. Where to begin? What looks best on each client’s eye shape? Here are a few guidelines.
Beauty is a timeless vanity. From the earliest use of a reflection caught from a hand-held tool made of polished obsidian stones, the first mirror was born. Since the Anatolia realized in 6,000 B.C.E. (modern day Turkey) that the human image could be captured in real time by their own reflection, vain expeditions arose in the minds of the curious as to how the reflections…
As professionals gear up for the colder months, they want to be sure that they are creating impactful, on-trend makeup looks. A professional’s secret weapons this season are shimmering highlights, bold lip colors, and fun, metallic eye shadows.

Eyeshadow Techniques for All Eye Shapes

Written by Aliesh Pierce, L.E., founder and lead expert at Ask Aliesh
Applying lipstick and nail polish has long been recognized as the easiest way to add a bit of color. However, if social media is used as a barometer, eye color products are taking over as the most popular form of makeup. While most people have an understanding of what each product does, they may not understand the best application techniques for their unique eye shape.…
Globally, women spend an average of about $144 yearly on beauty products; women in the west, on average, spend the most on beauty products, spending $154 yearly. Almost half of American women feel that wearing makeup gives them control. The largest part of the cosmetic industry, 36.4 percent, is represented by skin care products. As of 2016, the revenue of the cosmetic industry was $62.46…

A Teen Makeup Step-by-Step

Written by Amanda Azar
In recent years, millennial makeup application techniques trend towards heavier coverage and more dramatic finishes. However, when consulting with a teenage client for a makeup application, it is important to stay true to their age, lifestyle, and parental discretion.

Foundation for Different Skin Types

Written by Annie Mayo, president and CEO of Advanced Mineral Makeup
It is the base of every beauty look and the tool that keeps a person’s confidence in check when their skin will not cooperate: foundation. As with any beauty product, foundation perfects the skin and gives the client a flawless finish. The trick, however, is to pick the right one for the client’s skin type.

Top 6 Tricks to Master Makeup

Written by Michelle Richardson
There are so many facets to becoming a freelance makeup artist, including different techniques and ongoing updates. The whole experience can become overwhelming because most people would like to gain the needed knowledge immediately, without realizing it is a process. First and foremost, skin care professionals must love makeup or be willing to learn how to apply it.
For most makeup artists, the high point of their job is hearing the excitement and revelation clients experience when seeing how a professional makeup application could enhance their appearance. Almost nothing makes a professional makeup artist happier than hearing a client exclaim, “Wow! I never knew I could look like this!”

Highlighting Techniques

Written by Linda Tawil, president and creative director of Morphe LLC
Highlighting the face is a popular makeup trend. It adds light, luminosity, and a fresh glow. The technique gives the artist the ability to accentuate, hide, redefine, and draw attention to desired features.

Mastering the No Makeup Look

Written by Michelle Richardson, L.E., professional makeup artist and co-owner of California Makeup Academy-Training Center
Many skin care professionals have clients that are on the run with little or no time to apply makeup. With clients juggling numerous activities in their lives, they are starting to prefer daily looks that are low maintenance. The "no makeup look" is perfect for clients that prefer quick and easy makeup applications.

Makeup Primers

Written by Amanda Azar, L.E., founder and executive artist at Azar Beauty
Everything in today's world is about getting an immediate fix, immediate access, and immediate solutions. The "now, now, now" mentality has crossed into the cosmetics industry with the advanced development of makeup primers. Most clients do not have an impeccable skin canvas to apply makeup to, so the technology found in primers today is more crucial now than ever before. Clients can instantly "fix" the…
Following a facial, clients may be interested in receiving a quick makeup application before leaving the spa. The skin care professional should be equipped to provide an everyday makeup look and even teach it to the client.

Man-hanced Makeup

Written by Pamela Taylor, professional makeup artist and author
Welcome to the new world! Makeup for men is an emerging trend that has been gaining momentum in the past few years. It is mostly used for entertainers, rather than the average man, as most men feel uncomfortable wearing makeup and having it applied. When it is applied and treated properly, however, clients will often comment that they like the look and will ask how…

10 Things About...Makeup Brushes

Written by Linda Tawil
The secret to a flawless face of makeup lies in the makeup brushes. Professional makeup artists alike agree that makeup brushes are the most important tools in every person's makeup collection. Investing in the right brushes and caring for them makes all the difference when applying makeup. Makeup brushes come in various sizes, shapes, and types – each uniquely designed with a specific purpose for…

Airbrush Makeup

Written by Dina Ousley, creator of Dinair Airbrush Makeup
Professional airbrush makeup systems make it possible to use 10 times less makeup and look 10 years younger. Airbrush makeup systems are widely known and respected in the professional beauty industry and have changed makeup application forever. It is a fast, simple, and economic application process that provides beautiful, healthy, and flawless results. Airbrush makeup is perfect for both younger and older clients who want…

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