Man-hanced Makeup

Written by Pamela Taylor, professional makeup artist and author
Welcome to the new world! Makeup for men is an emerging trend that has been gaining momentum in the past few years. It is mostly used for entertainers, rather than the average man, as most men feel uncomfortable wearing makeup and having it applied. When it is applied and treated properly, however, clients will often comment that they like the look and will ask how…

10 Things About...Makeup Brushes

Written by Linda Tawil
The secret to a flawless face of makeup lies in the makeup brushes. Professional makeup artists alike agree that makeup brushes are the most important tools in every person's makeup collection. Investing in the right brushes and caring for them makes all the difference when applying makeup. Makeup brushes come in various sizes, shapes, and types – each uniquely designed with a specific purpose for…

Airbrush Makeup

Written by Dina Ousley, creator of Dinair Airbrush Makeup
Professional airbrush makeup systems make it possible to use 10 times less makeup and look 10 years younger. Airbrush makeup systems are widely known and respected in the professional beauty industry and have changed makeup application forever. It is a fast, simple, and economic application process that provides beautiful, healthy, and flawless results. Airbrush makeup is perfect for both younger and older clients who want…

Lipstick Talk: Lipstick Shade and Personality

Written by Sheilah Fulton, L.E., B.S., M.B.A., aesthetics instructor
Lipstick shades can define a client's personality and set forth their image to the world. Their shade of lipstick should enhance their wardrobe and allow their personality to shine. The choice of color they select can lift their spirits, motivate them, reflect a sense of adventure, and exude confidence. Use the following lipstick shade personality map to help clients reveal their true self, new self,…
In order to be considered an accomplished makeup artist, proficiency working with all skin tones, ages, and textures is imperative. Unfortunately, retail cosmetic companies have only recently created makeup with enough pigment for medium and darker skin tones. Makeup lacking pigment will either not offer enough coverage or turn pink and ashy on darker skin tones. Luckily, there are professional makeup lines that cater to…

January 2022

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  • Celluma by Biophotas, Inc
  • DMK Skin Revision Center