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Today’s clients are interested in more than just applying a self-tanning lotion. As an aging baby boomer in my early 50s, my body reflection doesn’t match my youthful self image and it is showing with brown spots, sagging thighs, and cellulite. I’ve followed a healthy lifestyle and exercised regularly since I was in my 20s. Certainly that helps, but I need more now to preserve…
Your clients and patients love beautiful nails! While artificial nails are still popular, natural nails and natural nail care are the most exciting trends for professional salons, day spas and medical spas today! Whether you currently offer nail care services or are planning an expansion to include nail care services, you should be aware of the latest nail care trends. Maintaining natural nails is a…
From over-the-counter creams and lotions that consumers were required to self-apply, to customized spray tans applied in a few minutes by trained technicians, the airbrush/spray tanning industry has evolved to become one of the fastest growing and most lucrative facets of the beauty industry.Salons, spas, dermatologists, and other skin care treatment centers have discovered the affordable and profitable opportunity in adding spray tanning to their…
In the last 20 years I’ve experimented with various ways of exfoliating the skin prior to sunless tanning and found that depending on the type of exfoliation it can be detrimental to the overall outcome. I have determined that sunless tans are extremely temperamental when it comes to exfoliation. Too much or too little exfoliation will cause a “lizardy” appearance. Sunless tans do best with…

Holiday Makeup

Written by Mary Van
The trend this holiday season offers you a couple of different looks from which to choose. Deep red lips balanced with a neutral eye or the smokey, expressive eye with barely there lips. Shimmer is in and is the perfect festive look for the holidays. Classic Crimson It's the return of the fabulous 40's classic look: pale, creamy skin with defined, red lips.

August 2022

Brands of the Month

  • Celluma by Biophotas, Inc
  • Face Reality Skincare
  • DMK Skin Revision Center