When young aestheticians start out in their new journey, the opportunities are endless as to the direction of their career. At first, newly licensed aestheticians are eager to begin their careers and experience the fulfillment of her learning. As their careers progress over time, these aestheticians will discover what they love most about their field and may choose to pursue extensive schooling in one aspect…
Women have been fascinated with beauty for centuries. Part of that fascination is perfection. In order to achieve that perfection, women have been using makeup to cover up their blemishes. There comes a point in a woman’s life where there is a need for a cover up, whether it be a portion of the face, full face, or body. Using makeup to cover pimples, blemishes,…

2014 Makeup Trends

Written by Kimberly Czelusniak, L.E.
Writing a piece on current makeup trends is quite challenging, as you turn the corner of the runway, there is another! One thing is for certain, which is great news for aestheticians and makeup artists: makeup will not be paring back to minimal anytime soon. Have fun. Your client’s face is an empty canvas and options abound for being on trend.
I began my aesthetic career as a makeup artist. Inspired by the training I received from one of the finest skin care schools in the United States, I felt very confident on my first day at work apprenticing as a makeup assistant for a national hair magazine. What I quickly discovered was that everything I had been taught was the antithesis of what real life…

The Magic of Airbrush Makeup

Written by Dina Ousley and George Lampman
As professionals in the aesthetic, salon and medical spa industries, we understand how important it is to exceed the client's expectations in as many ways as possible. On the surface, our mission is to help clients look as youthful, healthy and beautiful as possible. They expect us to share our best services talents and products in the least amount of time and with the least…

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