For many beauty professionals, makeup is an integral part of the profession. So, why do some spas not offer makeup retail in their facility? Why do many miss out on such a consistent revenue source that so easily complements facial services?

Makeup Tips for North Asian Clients

Written by Michelle Richardson, L.E., co-owner of California Makeup Academy - Training Center and Your Makeup Line
There are a wide variety of Asian ethnic groups and each group or mixed heritage has its own unique features. Therefore, the tips listed are not universal, but may be useful when working with Asian clients, particularly those from the northern region of the continent. FOUNDATIONAs with any client, it can be a struggle for Asian women to find a foundation color that best suits…
Ah, back to school – time for a new wardrobe, book bag, pencils, and pens. Why not also come back to school with a new makeup routine? Wondering what to tell those clients who are looking for a fresh makeup routine for the start of a new school year can be made easier by reading on. Those long summer nights were bound to take a…
Wouldn’t it look strange to see someone working out in a gym wearing a long evening gown? Similarly, when it comes to makeup, there are many factors that must be considered when clients choose a look. For instance, just like with clothes, styles should be worn for the activity at hand. A professional might create several looks for a client and each would be different,…

Sanitary and Sultry: Creating Makeup Looks without Spreading Bacteria

Written by Lora Condon, L.E., The Beauty Buster
While aestheticians are traditionally up on sanitation standards in the treatment room, many may not pay attention to keeping their makeup kits bacteria- and virus-free. A sanitary kit and application is paramount to coming across as a respected, professional makeup artist. Remember that what looks clean can still be unsanitary. Never work off the back of the hand. Washing one’s hands does not fully disinfect…

December 2023

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