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Au Naturel: Eyebrow Options

Written by   Kelly Baker

Back in the day, the 1990s, over-tweezed, super thin, with no arch-look was the eyebrow style – think Pamela Anderson circa her Baywatch days. Fast forward to today and trends have changed in a major way – enter full and natural eyebrows. A good eyebrow artist knows to maintain the same attitude through it all – follow the natural eyebrow shape and arch, not the trend of the moment.

Around 2005, things started moving away from the thin eyebrow and towards high arches with a lot of shaping. In the last five years, the trend has become larger than life with the bigger the better, thicker, more natural, fluffier, with less makeup, making eyebrow treatments the perfect add-on for most clients looking to keep up with the times.

While microblading is all the rage right now because it can fill in patches in the eyebrow, this treatment requires total client commitment because of its permanency. Consider warning against it, as there are so many women who have learned the hard way that the results have no real reversal. Another option is to have clients opt for quick, temporary treatments in addition to a tint or wax.   



Lamination is a treatment that helps clients get that “brushed up” look in their eyebrows that is super popular right now. It is a chemical treatment that can crinkle eyebrow hairs, which can make eyebrows look like there is a bend in their eyebrows. This treatment can frazzle and fry eyebrows. If a client is looking for that “brushed up” look, use clear eyebrow gel and brush the hair up to hold the look in place – natural and safe.



 If a client is wanting to go that extra mile from a clear eyebrow gel to get that brushed up look, but lamination is not for them, use or suggest a glycerin soap product instead. Dip a mascara clean wand into the product and then brush their eyebrows up. It is not permanent, it does not mess with eyebrows, and it washes off at the end of the day – the perfect option for a quick add-on.

Always preach to clients to go with the natural shape of their eyebrow regardless of what treatment is being done. Eyebrows, unlike nails or hair, are hard to change and grow back. Be hesitant when someone wants to completely change their natural eyebrow shape to follow a trend they see on Instagram or a shape a celebrity is rocking. Educating the client of their options is key when creating a beautiful eyebrow look.

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