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No “Ow” Brows: A Quick Guide to Prepping Brows for Waxing and Threading Treatments

Written by Micah Kopchenko

Waxing and threading are common hair removal methods that many clients look forward to in order to maintain their eyebrows. For best results, professionals should remind clients to follow these steps before treatment:

  • Cleanse and exfoliate skin before a treatment in order to avoid breakouts and redness
  • If waxing, do not use any products containing alpha hydroxy acids or retinol
  • Do not attempt a wax following a chemical peel, as this can make the skin around the eyebrows fragile and prone to injury
  • Avoid eye makeup before and after an eyebrow treatment
  • Avoid direct sunlight, tanning beds, and ultraviolet exposure before and after treatment
  • For female clients, skin may be tender during menstruation and can cause the treatments to feel more painful


Professionals should always inform clients of these steps before the client schedules an appointment. Also remind them of the post-treatment steps they should follow. Professionals should encourage clients to take their pre-treatment and aftercare preparations seriously in order to avoid skin damage and possible infection. Threading and waxing are quick and easy options for clients wanting to rid themselves of unwanted hair while maintaining their eyebrow shape.

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