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Make Money with Makeup: 4 Easy Ways to Boost the Bottom Line

Written by Amanda Azar

The core purpose of any business is to offer value to clients through products and services. However, for a business to be able to scale and grow, it has to generate revenue. A key performance indicator to measure profitability of an expense is return on investment. Adding makeup options to a service menu will instantly improve your return in investment, since there are very few upfront costs. This “Beauty Blueprint” outlines a few simple ways to further incorporate makeup services to your business to boost the bottom line.



In a spa, there are several ways to incorporate a makeup menu on the backend of traditional services. Additionally, you can convert makeup clients to retail buyers using an add-on menu. The menu can include a variety of options, like post-facial treatments, offer camouflage makeup applications to mask any erythema or skin irritation, or offer a small discount (10%) off retail products if they purchase any makeup products directly after their makeup application. These are things you can have on a printed menu to showcase in every treatment room and in the reception area for clients to see as they walk through the spa. Whatever the add-on service is, it should focus on things that minimize expenses to enhance the client experience. Ideally, any add-on should not exceed 30 minutes to fulfill, since often people will ask how long the service will take versus how much it costs.



Every single member of your staff should be trying to upsell clients on a multitude of services. With the makeup menu, there are unique angles you can take to promote value-added upsells that are attractive to clients. For instance, you can upsell to airbrush makeup instead of a traditional makeup application. You can add custom eyelashes or even offer longer-wearing, waterproof product substitutes (like lipstick, eyeliner, mascara). An upsell is meant to fall in line with a service that the client has already booked, in order for it to seem like a “no brainer” for purchase. Properly train your staff to know the key benefits of each upsell when questions arise. The best time to offer upsell options is during treatment, but always remember that you can do so during checkout also.



Typically, in a spa, retail sales account for roughly 10% to 15% of total revenue. However, that 10% to 15% of revenue reflects about 20% to 25% of total profit. Naturally, when you grow retail volume, you have a significant impact on return on investment in the best way possible. If a client is committed to a retail purchase, offer makeup services as a value added bonus. For instance, if you retail strip and individual eyelashes, offer a free application and even add a little eyeliner (same day only). When they are buying foundation, offer complimentary color matching and show which brushes they can also purchase to get a professional finish. By offering value-added services that don’t cost the spa a fortune, you create a natural flow in the conversation to add upsells and ultimately close the sale.



Create an event, open to the public, consisting of one to two hours on a weekday evening to offer expedited or discounted services. Hire a few makeup artists for this small window of time and set up a multi-station area where they can provide touchups on the go for clients in a rush or getting ready for a night out. Post on social media and send outbound e-mails or texts to your client book to let them know about available last minute appointment availability, makeup artist takeovers, and other spotlights. Not only is this a chance to book unfilled appointment space, but foot traffic and service visibility will increase to be able to cross promote to other services and increase your bottom line.


At the end of the day, you have to upsell and cross promote services offered through the spa menu. Adding makeup options to this list is an incredibly inexpensive way to see an immediate lift in revenue. Get creative with staff incentive programs to encourage employees to participate in the customer experience and generate more commission for themselves. Makeup artistry is a fun and interactive service that clients will love, especially gearing up for the holiday season.


Amanda Azar 2019Amanda Azar Walsh, LME is a published makeup artist, medical aesthetician, and body wrapper based in south Florida. She is the founder and executive artist of Azar Beauty, makeup artistry instructor at Cortiva Institute, and lead artist for NewsmaxTV, Pelican Grand’s Pure Spa, and St. Andrews Country Club. Walsh has a degree in business management from Florida Atlantic University and diplomas in fashion makeup from Cosmix School of Makeup Artistry and paramedical aesthetics from Southeastern College and is dual-licensed and holds over 40 certifications. Walsh is a member of the National Association of Professional Businesswomen, National Aesthetic Spa Network, Look Good Feel Better, and a RAW Artist alumni.



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