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Helping Clients Find their Personal Makeup Style

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Did you know that makeup is one of the most immediate tools professionals have to create an instant skin transformation for beauty conscious clients?


A personal makeup styling session is about helping clients choose healthy skin cosmetic options for day and evening looks, which can be updated based on seasonal color changes. This makeup session can be a fun self-discovery for the client and give you another way to increase business profits.



To begin, visually asses the client’s skin color, face shape, facial features, hair, and eye color. Start the session with a few simple questions to determine the client’s personality type, which will help you to create the best makeup solution for their lifestyle. Questions to ask include:

  • Do you have any allergies to makeup?
  • How do you normally wear makeup?
  • What type of clothing and makeup do you usually wear to work?
  • Do you like a more dramatic look for evening makeup?
  • What eyeshadow colors do you normally like to wear?
  • Are there colors that you absolutely want to stay away from?
  • How much time do you usually take with makeup in the morning and evening?


By learning the client’s answers to these questions, you can come up with a final look that will be satisfactory to you both. Do not be afraid to be creative, but always be open to the client’s feedback.



Find the Correct Foundation Based on the Skin’s Undertones


Check the veins on the client’s wrist. If they look blue, the skin is a cool tone, and if they look green, the skin is a warm tone. However, it is essential that you color match to test the foundation by swiping three shades on the cheek next to each other, down to the jawline, near the neck.


I usually recommend two shades of foundation: one that’s close to the skin tone and another that’s a bit lighter, as the center of the face tends to be lighter and the perimeter can be darker.


Choosing the Concealer

Concealer is effective for hiding dark undereye circles and skin imperfections. Select a concealer that closely matches the foundation shade. Concealers are either liquid, stick, or camouflage cream. Choose the best option for your client’s concerns.


Figure Out the Best Blush Color

For the most natural look, match the inside of the lower lip when choosing a blush color. For a more dramatic evening look, go with a darker blush that is the opposite undertone of the skin.


Decide on Eye Shadows

Blue Eyes: a brown smoky eye will give a natural daytime look and grey and silver with black liner will intensify the color of blue eyes for evening.


Green Eyes: use red-browns and pink tones for the daytime look and opt for dark wine, plum, and amethyst colors to intensify the look for evening.


Hazel Eyes: dark brown neutrals and gray for the daytime look and bold combination orange and rust colors will make the eyes pop for evening.


Brown Eyes: plum and pink for a soft daytime look and midnight blue and black for a dramatic evening look.

Frame the Eyes

Fuller eyebrows frame and punctuate the face, but not all clients will have full eyebrows. Whatever the fullness desired, the important thing is to closely match the hair color for a natural look.



Many women would agree that the most used and most loved makeup product is mascara. This is because having dark and long eyelashes can transform a person’s overall look, making them look more awake and engaging.


Pick the Perfect Eyeliner

For a bold, dramatic look, add eyeliner before applying mascara. Eyeliner can be neutral, colorful, or a metallic shade, like gold or bronze.


Get the Lip Color

There are some women who prefer to keep their lips bare and others who cannot go a day without wearing lipstick. The best lipsticks for cool undertones will be blue or purple shades and the best lipsticks for warm undertones are red or orange shades.


Lastly, prepare a face chart so that the client understands the recommendations and how they can duplicate the looks at home.


Makeup is fun and is not intimidating if you keep it simple and remember that you can always wipe it away and make another selection if it is not what your client is happy with.


Lyn Ross 2019Master aesthetician Lyn Ross founded Institut’ DERMed Spa, one of the most respected names in the skin care industry, in 1989. The Institut' DERMed Spa is a 3,000-square-foot facility located in Atlanta, Georgia., with 11 treatment rooms offering the latest mediclinical aesthetic technologies to assure quality solutions that provide the ultimate in relaxation and results for skin health and beauty. Ross was an originator of the cosmeceutical product and treatment concept Institut’ DERMed Clinical Skincare, which is now widely dispensed in prestigious salon spas, medical spas, and physicians’ offices. Ross founded the Institut’ DERMed college of Advanced Aesthetics in 1995, after years of providing patient support for the medical community to teach aestheticians, nurses, and physicians the specialized skin care and makeup techniques she developed working side by side with doctors to help patients recover after surgery.



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