The first annual Slow Beauty® Awards honored a select mix of influencers

The first annual Slow Beauty® Awards honored a select mix of influencers, thought-leaders, and brands that reflect the principles of the Slow Beauty movement in 2016: self-care, natural beauty, positive body image, and overall wellness. Each award recipient has been selected because they embody the Slow Beauty philosophy through one of the following ways: business practices, product ingredient choices, give-back initiatives, journalistic excellence, and influential commitment to promoting natural, empowering beauty and wellness standards.

"We are excited to recognize those who are reflecting the principles of Slow Beauty and spreading the word about the power of slowing down, celebrating a slower way of life and the power of rituals," says Shel Pink, founder of SpaRitual. "This year's Slow Beauty Award winners are fueling a movement that encourages everyone to choose a slower, more spiritual way of life and embrace a deeper beauty that glows from the inside out." Slow Beauty is a way of life, a recognition that an enduring, inner beauty offers an opportunity to slow down and remember our own essence.

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