Sentient Lasers and MedPro Collaborate to Provide Customers with Blue Dot Certified Aesthetic Lasers

Sentient Lasers, one of the leading pre-owned aesthetic laser companies that buys, sells, warranties, and provides service contracts for aesthetic lasers and devices, announced its partnership with the longest running seller of pre-owned lasers, MedPro. The company adopted Sentient Lasers’ Blue Dot Certification in March 2017 to ensure quality, longevity, safety, and complete transparency for aesthetic lasers and provide customers with equipment that they can trust.

MedPro is one of the biggest used cosmetic laser equipment dealers in the industry, selling over 10,000 lasers worldwide and working with a variety of dealers. The company offers spas, clinics, hospitals, imaging suites, plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and private practices the opportunity to improve its level of patient care and remain competitive by upgrading their equipment at a lower cost by buying pre-owned, rather than buying new. MedPro not only provides its customers with a wide selection of equipment, but it also offers them an expanded range of services, such as logistics, reconditioning and warranty.
Sentient Lasers’ proprietary Blue Dot Certification is a 20-point inspection created to ensure quality, longevity, transparency and safety for aesthetic lasers. As the first-ever certification offered in the aesthetic laser industry, Blue Dot Certification is designed to set a standard, guaranteeing that customers receive the best and safest product, following a rigorous refurbishing process.
Sentient Lasers’ Blue Dot Certification offers MedPro customers complete transparency into the equipment they’re planning to purchase by providing live streaming demos and photos of the aesthetic lasers housed in their facility. Through this collaboration, MedPro can ensure that its clients are getting a device that meets all of the manufacturer’s specifications and includes proper accessories and manuals. The partnership allows MedPro to build trust with its customers, resulting high levels of purchase satisfaction and return business.
“The pre-owned aesthetic laser industry can be difficult to navigate,” said Mike Moreno, Owner at MedPro. “I’ve worked with companies that have offered fulfillment services for the delivery of aesthetic lasers, but my experience hasn’t always gone perfect, as the product is very hard to deliver safely and effectively. I’ve been looking for a company like Sentient Lasers since I founded MedPro in 2001.”
“Sentient Lasers and its Blue Dot Certification make the process of purchasing pre-owned equipment seamless for our customers, providing them with access to live videos and photos of the equipment, as well as full service following the purchase,” Moreno said. “In the nine months of our partnership, we have had 100 percent client success rate with customers that are extremely pleased with the equipment, the price, and the customer service they’re getting, resulting in repeat business.”
“We are thrilled to partner with MedPro and offer its customers the high-quality equipment and customer service they deserve,” said Chris Cella, CEO at Sentient Lasers. “We are looking forward to relocating our headquarters in a couple of months to a bigger, more functional and workflow efficient space in Park City, and providing companies like MedPro and its customers with even more transparency into our product and operations.”

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