Repêchage Hosts 2017 Champagne Power Lunch

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Implementing social media, detoxing from cellphones, and creating a vibrant, thriving business were all topics discussed in depth at the Repêchage 2017 Champagne Power Lunch. Each year, international skin care company and manufacturer, Repêchage, hosts this event at the Repêchage headquarters in Secaucus, New Jersey to provide inspiration and insights for better business in the next year.

The 2017 guest speakers included: Lydia Sarfati, Repêchage CEO and founder; Gordon Miller, CEO of Hairbrained; and Stacie Bowie, wner of Bowie Salon and Spa.

Over 100 beauty professionals from India, Ghana, Italy, Panama, Mexico, the United Kingdom, Canada, Trinidad, Poland, and the United States joined Sarfati and the Repêchage team for this spa business seminar led by industry experts.

Prior to the presentations, guests were greeted to champagne and a holiday shopping event, featuring the new Repêchage Triple Action Peptide Mask, Repêchage Biolight™ Luminex Mask, and Repêchage holiday gift sets.

After a break for lunch, Bowie took the stage for her presentation, “Why a No Cellphone Policy is the Best Policy.” Bowie discussed the negative impact that cellphone use has amongst salon employees and shared insight on how salons can do better by implementing a no cellphone policy.

“Research indicates the average American checks their phones 150 times per day,” said Bowie. “Communication addiction leads to constant interruptions. In addition, unnecessary texts, emails, and phone calls can consume up to 8 hours of an average employee’s work week, reducing productivity and innovation.”

According to Bowie, since implementing a no cellphone policy at her salon for her employees, the salon has benefited in many ways. These benefits include increased productivity, exponential rise in level of customer service, increase in retail sales, better communication with clients and staff, rise in up-selling, and a better understanding of naturally anticipating clients’ needs.

Sarfati closed this year’s Power Lunch with her presentation, “Success at Your Fingertips – Global Beauty Trends for 2018.”

Sarfati addressed how salons and spas can increase business for 2018 with tips from her business-building book: “Success at Your Fingertips: How to Succeed in the Skin Care Business.” Sarfati also shared trends that salons and spas can consider for their business.

The first portion of Sarfati’s presentation provided a how-to on the actions all salons and spas must implement to be successful.

With education being at the core of Sarfati’s values, Repêchage will continue to provide opportunities for beauty professionals to come together and learn from one another. Save the date for the special 20th Anniversary Repêchage International Conference to be held on May 7in New York City.

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