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CIDESCO Celebrates Beauty with CIDESCO International Beauty Day 2017

CIDESCO, a world-renowned name in beauty and spa therapy, is inviting its schools, members and the general public to join in the celebrations for CIDESCO’s International Beauty Day on September 9, 2017. The day, which was started by CIDESCO Section Russia, will celebrate inner and outer beauty around the world, and raise awareness about the importance of the beauty industry as a whole.

CIDESCO will be asking members and the public to share their own personal definitions of what beauty is. Social media followers will see countries globally joining in with the #InternationalBeautyDay hashtag, sharing their definitions of beauty through words, images, and video content. This will, then, be collated into CIDESCO’s International Beauty Dictionary, providing insight into the beauty industry worldwide and bringing together the collaborative ideas from its students and clients in countries far and wide.
As well as sharing their thoughts on what beauty means, CIDESCO is encouraging schools and members to get involved by offering beauty treatments to those in need such as caretakers and nurses, arranging special, one day only offers and providing introductory talks on the diplomas and courses their schools offer.
Anna-Cari Gund, CIDESCO International’s President said, “The beauty industry is extremely valuable as it helps people across the world look and feel good, inside and out. International Beauty Day is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate how CIDESCO has affected the lives of our schools, students and members worldwide.” 
Those interested can join in on Sept. 9 by sharing “what beauty means to you” on social media using the hashtag #InternationalBeautyDay.

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