Hempfield Botanicals Launches Line of Hemp-based CBD Oral and Face Oils

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Hempfield Botanicals, a Lancaster, Pennsylvania manufacturer of hemp-based cannabidiol (CBD) products, introduced its line of oral and face oils. Created in the company’s food-grade, cGMP facility, the new products are triple tested to ensure safety and have a level of purity, consistency, and quality that is above and beyond that of other products in the marketplace.
In creating its oral oils, Hempfield Botanicals works side-by-side with two licensed compounding pharmacists with expertise in the cannabis industry, John Spagnola, R. Ph. and Tzuo-Zen Lee. Each oil is blended in a base of easily digestible hemp seed oil and contains a compounded blend of individual terpenes to enhance effectiveness and create a specific response within the body.
“We are thrilled to introduce these two new product lines to customers who have been interested in CBD products but wary of all the hype out there from companies that don’t use sound product development and manufacturing practices,” shared the company’s owner, Heather Kreider. “Now, consumers can have the confidence that the CBD products they buy and use have a solid foundation of research and commitment to standards behind them.”




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