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Continuing Education

Continuing education is fundamentally necessary in our profession. Techniques evolve, new technologies are introduced, and knowledge of ingredients is forever changing. It is crucial that as a professional you are continuously building on your knowledge and refreshing your skills.


AIA continuing education


AIA webinars present non-product biased advanced education, application, and training. Visit AIA’s webinar page to register for an upcoming webinar or to watch past webinars on-demand. We cover hot topics like acne, hyperpigmentation, retail, hair removal, going solo, and more!


Workshops and Classes

AIA partners with manufacturers and schools that share our vision of higher education. These companies make up our Corporate and School membership. They offer advanced education classes covering hormones, skin diseases, layering peels, light therapy, laser treatments, and more! To learn more about the workshops and classes offered by our Corporate and School Members, visit the Events page.


Monthly CEU Exams

The monthly CEU Exam is another way that AIA helps its members to continue their education. Each month DERMASCOPE Magazine features articles to help aestheticians grow their knowledge of ingredients, client retention, common skin conditions, building a brand, seasonal menu items, and everything else an aesthetician needs to know to grow their career. After reading each issue, visit to take AIA’s CEU Exam online. The answers to each exam can be found in the editorial content of that issue. Get started on this month’s exam!

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