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Paving the future

After 30 years in the skin care business, I can honestly say I think I’ve seen everything! When you tack on 16 years as a school owner – my goodness – I could write a book!    I’ve watched the ebb and flow of an amazing industry that has grown leaps and bounds in products, ingredients, technology, services, sales, and business strategies.

Still, after all these years, right now is truly one of the most exciting times of innovation and advancement. However, with such growth, innovation, and advancement comes enormous unknowns like scope of practice, proper training, certification, and reliable information. As I have watched the industry evolve, I have also been right in the middle of it all. As a school owner and as the chair person to the Appearance Enhancement Board in New York City, every day, my teams and I are faced with the difficult task of trying to set all of the above unknowns straight. Unfortunately, we just do not have all the answers. As the new president of Aesthetics International Association (AIA), I have made it my mission to be a driving force behind creating a united front. AIA’s mission has always been “to raise the standards of education and public awareness of the aesthetics industry.” Now, more than ever, this mission is critical to the growth and success of our profession. In a time when we are exploding with advancement, we simultaneously have states pushing to de-regulate our industry. Imagine no license requirements for aestheticians! I am dedicated to pulling us all together – the professionals, the business owners, the manufacturers, the distributors, fellow associations, school owners, and even the general public – to create a one-stop source for superior education and unite the industry with set standards and expectations. Our goal is for professionals to have a voice, to make that voice heard, and to have a profound impact on the world around us. We own this industry; we have built this industry. It is now up to all of us to commit to its future by being involved, being informed, bettering ourselves, and coming together. Join us in our mission and become an AIA member. I promise, we will not let you down.

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