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Summer Lovin’ Homecare

As we roll through the summer months, our thoughts are on sunshine, warm weather, picnics, barbecues, and beaches. Summer is the ideal time of year to enjoy friends and family, reconnect with the great outdoors, and, honestly, to pause long enough to smell the roses.


But, as much of a blessing as summer is, it is also a time of the year when we should pay particular attention to our clients’ homecare routines. Ultraviolet exposure, winds, temperature changes, and even pollution are responsible for 95 percent of premature aging, most notably, fine lines and wrinkles.


As skin care professionals we know this and we relentlessly preach to our clients the necessity of protecting their skin. But, when we are not with them, we also know that our preaching is often thrown to the wind. So, it is essential to take it a step further and create a detailed plan for each client to incorporate into their daily regimen. This removes the need for them to put much thought into coming up with their own routine.


As a school and business owner, I learned when things are in writing and protocols are in order, they get done. When they are left as a suggestion, they often get dismissed.


So, make a plan and revise that plan with every visit. Based on your clients’ activities over the upcoming months, decide what they must do to best protect the health and youthfulness of their skin and, most importantly, minimize fine lines and wrinkles.


First, SPF is a must – every day, any day, all year long. Sunscreen not only prevents damage due to ultra-violet exposure, but most sunscreens also include vitamins for antioxidant protection from free radical damage. If a client is heading to the beach or doing another activity in which prolonged sun exposure is involved, stress the importance of increasing SPF to 50 or beyond. Advise them about using sun protective clothing, such as a ball cap or sun hat, as well.


Second, emphasize hydration. We often forget how necessary water is. Plump, hydrated skin shows fewer lines and wrinkles; but, more importantly, it functions better to protect itself. Think about how you feel when your body is dehydrated. Sluggish, tired, and unenergized – skin behaves the same way when it is dehydrated!


Lastly, encourage powerful antioxidant protection. My go-to antioxidant is vitamin C! Teach clients to pack the skin with vitamin C to give it the ability to prevent free radical damage and boost collagen production.


These three simple steps – SPF, hydration, and antioxidants – are key to experiencing summer bliss with fewer wrinkles!


Michelle D'allaird Brenner
AIA Vice President, 
Director of Education

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