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Makeup enthusiasm is at an all-time high. I can barely keep up with the viral video tutorials by professionals, let alone those being made by younger individuals – sometimes under the age of 10! I must admit, my makeup routine is very minimal, so I take great interest in these videos. From contour to shading, and dramatic evening looks to light daytime looks, these videos are a great resource for those who need help creating a desired makeup look.


In addition to these online lessons, product choices available today seem to be endless. Now, we have dual and triple-acting makeup that protects skin with SPF, ingredients for the correction of skin conditions, and even coverup for scars and tattoos. Makeup is changing lives.


My advice to professionals is to take advantage of this makeup surge. Do your research and take time to find the products that best fit your needs.


Make sure to look for products that assist with the overall health of clients’ skin. If a client is acne-prone, advise them to be cautious of wearing thick foundations. Although many clients may want to use makeup to camouflage unwanted aspects of their skin, it is important to remind them to use products that will not make their skin worse by clogging pores and assisting with bacteria growth.


Another critical part of helping clients avoid having their makeup contribute to unwanted skin conditions is regular brush and sponge cleanliness. Bacteria loves to hide and breed in brushes. There are many different types of cleaners and washes available to assist with keeping makeup tools hygienic. It may also be useful to have several sets of application tools that can be changed out while one set is drying.


From eyelashes to lipstick, makeup is a regular purchase that clients make. What kind of beauty products are you offering? And does your current selection help the overall health of skin?


Take the time to consider your current makeup efforts and learn new strategies you can employ. Take advantage of education on makeup at tradeshows you attend. Pick up a new line to address all your clients’ needs. And, as always, remember the importance of layering makeup to protect from the sun. 


michelledeleonMichelle R. DeLeon

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