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I recently had the wonderful opportunity to spend time in Miami, Florida. There I visited with professionals in the industry and took a look at the trends and services provided in this sunny city. The biggest discovery I made – Miami loves waxing!


As we gear up for warmer weather everywhere, let’s explore some waxing basics and
best practices.


Waxing is the oldest form of hair reduction. Today, it comes in many forms, such as hot, soft, cold, and wax strips. There are also many options of colors and scents to choose from.


As with any procedure, there are many strategies that can be used to ensure a successful waxing experience with minimal interference or pain. Check for any medications and health conditions that could interfere with healing or cause burns or skin sensitivity.


Additionally, inform clients when the wax being used requires pre-procedure action. For instance, some waxes require that a client avoid caffeine, sugar, alcohol, and smoking prior to treatment, as they could cause sensitivity and pain. Also, encourage clients to show up to their appointments with dry clean skin, as this will allow the wax to adhere to the hair correctly.


Procedures used during and post-treatment are equally as important as pre-treatment procedures. For instance, encouraging clients to be in a relaxed state of mind, and to use breathing techniques, can help clients reduce discomfort. Breathing in and out as wax removes hair can increase body temperature, relax hair follicles, and reduce pain caused by frequent waxing. Should a client experience pain, remedies such as numbing lotions can be effective. Always make sure to give clients post care lotions and dusting powders to prevent infections from open pores. Soothing lotions and aloe vera gels are also encouraged.


Waxing is a great tool because it can be performed on all areas of the body where there is hair. Also, it offers the same long-term effects as other forms of hair removal.


Be sure to capitalize on the increasing male demographic, as well.


Keep in mind that in areas with increased sun exposure, clients must be cautious, because waxing can cause tissue to be sensitive.


If you want to up your current waxing game, every tradeshow is a great opportunity to update your techniques with classes and on-floor demonstrations. Don’t forget to take the time to try new products! If you are not currently offering waxing, take a leap this year! Take a class, try a new product, and introduce new services!


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