Forging Your Path in 2018

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Happy New Year! I know with all the amazing and positive professionals in our industry, everyone had a fantastic fourth quarter and joyful holiday season. The month of January is all about preparation. Start planning now for the year of trade shows. Visit for all of the 2018 dates and plan your trips early!


New year, new treatments. How should we start, but with a nice chemical exfoliation and development of homecare regimens. There is an abundance of choices – from big brands to trending, upcoming greats and mom and pop, homegrown lines; all of which have specialty cocktails, add-ons, and some even include a post-treatment regimen. We must set the standard. You could improve not only your sales, but customers’ loyalty to your products.


If you are not offering chemical peels, I challenge you to find one you like. Look through DERMASCOPE’s Products & Education Guide for a few products. Re-educate yourself and your clients on how they are a wonderful way to prepare the skin by removing dead skin for causing cell turnover. Beginning with freshly exfoliated, hydrated skin will yield better outcomes throughout your implement treatment plan.


Part of providing a successful positive treatment starts by ensuring your clients’ tissue is in the proper state to receive the treatment; ask about allergies, goals, and expectations. Don’t forget to take into account what the current weather conditions are; then adjust either the peel or post-peel regimen accordingly.


Product sales can be a challenge for some. Keep in mind the post-care products are not a choice; they are required. This will ensure your client’s outcomes were supported by follow-up care intended to restore and protect. This is the time to implement changes. This could include a treatment and post-care kit for a fixed price. Get creative with ways to elevate your game.
Get excited! 2018 is here.

michelledeleonMichelle R. DeLeon
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