'Tis the Season to Strategize

Written by Michelle R. De Leon

As I sit down to write my final letter of 2017, I have the opportunity to look back over this past year and, as always, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly the year went by. December – our final month of the year – is, historically, one of our industry’s most profitable times as the holidays are here. We all want to look our best; so, the “things we will do differently in 2018” plans are already buzzing around our minds. It is also time to reflect on our business year and assess the variable trends that transpired, while planning for the resolutions we will make for the new year to improve ourselves and how we conduct business.

New Year’s resolutions are in our midst; have you thought about yours? I have always looked forward to the New Year to watch the developments of both new and old friendships, family, love, and life. But what about business resolutions?

Did you make any last year? Did they come to fruition? If not, reclaim them this year! Reflect on whether it was appropriate, you should shift gears or make an adjustment to it that will better fit your current situation. Don’t let your resolution go. Keep it, build on it, and execute it.

For most, there have been objections this year that have challenged you. Let’s see if I can get close; were you challenged by staff? Unhappy clients? Social media? Sales? The sheer need to reignite your passion to inspire a positive, forward-moving mindset straight to success?

If I hit the bullseye on even one of your challenges you ran into this year, I encourage you to hit the paper with your pen. Write it down and take time to analyze. Then you may see that with preparation, and finding the solution, it may uncover changes that you need to make, as well. We must all look at what we can do to improve the way we do business.

January is the optimum month to release new policies to staff and clients; this is the time for change. Implementing new cancellations fees and policies, service price adjustments, medical considerations to (treat or not to treat), staff education planning, staff marketing protocols for downtime to help promote the business, and getting staff to become more involved with generating revenue – these are all practices to evaluate and, potentially, revamp. Keep in mind, a new year could mean updated paperwork, consents, and the perfect segue – “oh, here are our new policies as of 2018.” Learning, evolving, and growing is life-long.

This year try to lend a hand and help fellow industry professionals – pay it forward.

I have learned so much this year. I am very grateful for the amazing professionals that are expanding my thoughts and enriching my life. And I am excited about spending 2018 with you.


Michelle R. De Leon

AIA Ambassador

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