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Pigmentation, aging, body contouring, and hair removal are amongst the top beauty concerns in the industry today.At one time, hair removal was a moderate concern with a simple solution but has maneuvered its way to the top of the list.In fact, there are skin care professionals who have built their entire business and brand around being their area’s go-to individual for getting rid of unwanted body hair. 

The removal of unwanted body and facial hair has become a necessity for both men and women of many ages and ethnicities. For professionals, it has topped their list of revenue-generating services as the list of clients has diversified.

From waxing and threading to sugaring and laser, hair removal treatments have earned their rightful place in the business. With the many options available, it is easy to find at least one to fit a service menu and meetclients’ needs. 

What professionals need to know is that no two things are created equal. This does not mean that one is necessarily better than another, just not the same. Each modality requires its own specialized training, some more than othersHair removal is a year-round service that may have higher demand in the sunny months. However, iis best tended to in the off-season when clients can let their hair grow and have it expertly removed. This concept may require the practitioner to educate their clients, buthormonal, aging, and lifestyle changes can trigger altered hair growth at any time.

Professionals should educate themselves on the differences regardless of what is offered in their business. Know the pros and cons of each option. Simply not offering a particular hair removal service does not mean a professional should be able to talk about its effectiveness. Clients come to their skin care professionals for answers and building a reputation that lives up to that notion is crucial in staying a pillar of knowledge in clients eyes. 

Choose quality products, equipment, andbrand with both educational and client support. With the many options available, it is important to do the research to ensure the spa’s menu includes the best of the best. Above all, choosing to provide superior services regardless of the hair removal type (or any treatment) is what successful careers are made of. 

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