A Celebration to Remember

Anniversaries are very special celebrations. They are moments to reflect on growth and regression, strengths and weaknesses, success and failure, laughter and tears, and losses and gains but most importantly the fact that an individual is present, in the moment, and accountable for all of it.

There is nothing more rewarding than having the ability to reflect on the past in an effort to grow in the future.

To that, I say happy anniversary DERMASCOPE Magazine. Happy 45 years of leading the skin care industry to new heights, directions, and opportunities.

I remember being fresh in the skin care profession – that overwhelming feeling of wondering how I will learn more, perfect my skill, set myself, help raise the bar, and wondering if I would ever excel. The feeling of being completely on my own in a free-for-all of products, equipment, manufacturers, distributors, and total information stimulus overload – the good old days.

I survived, as everyone has. I thrived by reading industry magazines, attending tradeshows, taking continuing education classes, and networking with other professionals. I found guidance through AIA and DERMASCOPE.

I thank my association and the magazine for always pushing forward. For staying two steps ahead of where I was or even imagined being. DERMASCOPE offered the latest and greatest information in articles, the chance to test my knowledge in quizzes, the access to leaders, movers, and shakers, and countless tradeshows packed with all I could possibly need to fuel my success in the industry.

For those of us in the industry, we should all be blessed enough in life to reflect on 45 years with such success and accomplishment.

Happy 45th anniversary DERMASCOPE!

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