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The simplest, fastest, most cost effective way to boost revenue in any beauty business is with hair removal services, especially waxing. The hands of a skilled waxing professional will boost a bottom line in the blink of an eye, and there truly is not a hotter demand than a smooth, hairless face and body.


Hair removal services have been at the top of the beauty service “food chain” for years and for good reason. Not only is hair removal in high demand, but it has the ability to generate amazing revenue with very little cost and very little time.


Waxing is what I call a “love-hate” type of service. I hear it from the students in my school all the time, as well as the professionals in the field. They either love to wax or they want absolutely nothing to do with it.


Here is my take – if you can wax and you are good at it, you will always be generating revenue. From a simple lip, eyebrow, and chin, to a more extensive arm, leg, and bikini wax, a skilled waxer can knock off any of these services in no time at all. Go one step further and master the Brazilian bikini wax – you have now skyrocketed to the top of the hairless heavens.


The secret to waxing success is quality wax, skilled technique, thorough consultation, and practice, practice, practice. Choose a wax company that can provide you with top-quality wax, tips, tricks, techniques, and education, and that offers you excellent customer service.


Lastly, now, more than ever, is the ideal time to fine tune your waxing skills as we enter the spring and summer months when clothing begins to get minimal and bare bodies are ready to soak up the sunshine. Time to get your wax on!

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