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Written by Michelle D'allaird Brenner, AIA President and Director of Education

There are so many aspects of a professional skin care treatment that are vital to the health and wellness of the skin, yet the one area that requires crystal clear attention is exfoliation. Skin of every age and every type can benefit from proper exfoliation – the key word being proper. From youthful, sensitive, oily, and acneic skin to sun-damaged, aged, dehydrated, and mature skin – all can reap the rewards of exfoliation.


 As skin care experts, our job is to provide expert exfoliation. This requires having an acute understanding of the skin and an even more acute understanding of exfoliation ingredients. It is often easy to get caught up in the hottest and newest craze of exfoliation techniques and ingredients, but the reality is, not every treatment is for every person.


The one thing that remains constant is the necessity to provide a thorough consultation and pair the determination of that consult with proper ingredients. When this process is expertly executed, the benefits to the client are priceless. It is this process and these results that have positioned professional aestheticians as the clients’ right-hand skin care partners in achieving healthy, youthful, beautiful skin.


Whether it be chemical or mechanical exfoliants, or a combination of both, be the professional expert that you are. Use your knowledge and expertise to deliver expert exfoliation benefits and keep clients coming back.

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