But First, Healthy Skin

Written by Michelle D'allaird Brenner

If I were to ask 10 aestheticians why they chose this profession, I would bet that nine of them would respond by saying, “To help people make their skin better.” The last person might respond with, “To maintain healthy skin.” Although we surely have our “A-list” clients that come to us knowing that it is essential to maintain healthy, youthful skin while you have it, the reality is that most come when they need help – when their skin does not look like it should, could, or once did.
Addressing mature skin, as well as multiple other conditions, consumes over 90% of the business. This is not a problem for us. It is what we do and is a fact of our professional life and, yet, it has also become a fact of our clients’ lives.
Clients are bombarded with marketing and information – in every media form – that guarantees the fountain of youth, instant relief from redness, vanishing acne, and disappearing pigment. But, what they really need to understand is that, first, they need healthy skin to make an ounce of real improvement.
And, BAM! That is where we come in!
Take what you know about the basics and build on it: first, optimal hydration; second, regulated cell turnover; third, antioxidants. Hydrated skin that renews at a regular rate and has the ability to provide itself with antioxidant protection is the ideal platform to provide the skin care professional with the ability to drastically improve signs of aging, sensitivity, acne, pigment and other skin concerns.
You have the power at your fingertips to change the way people look and feel about themselves. Go back to the basics. Start with what you know is essential, then hit the ground running with what you have the power to improve.

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