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Pine Cone Extract and its Link to Sagging Skin

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Nature has always played a role in the aesthetic industry from essential oils to plant-based stem cells.

The skin care industry’s latest finding is no exception as scientists have recently discovered a link between impaired function of dermal lymphatic vessels and sagging skin and a solution that could be found in pine cone extract.
In conjunction with Professor Nobuyuki Takakura of Osaka University, Shiseido® discovered that “impaired function of dermal lymphatic vessels lead to accumulation of subcutaneous fat, which then causes skin sagging.”1 While earlier studies suggested that compromised blood vessels were a primary cause of aging, this study is the first to discern a link between lymphatic vessels and sagging skin. Sagging has also previously been attributed to lax elasticity, a reduction in collagen fibers, expansion of adipocytes, and the buildup of subcutaneous fat.
The key to impaired lymphatic vessels may rest in the extract of Pinus sylvestris, or Scots pine. This extract has been shown to have the effect of strengthening and regularizing lymphatic vessels due to its similarity with apelin, a human peptide that upsurges lymphatic function and subdues subcutaneous fat increase. This reaction is due to the fact that apelin binds to APJ, a G-protein receptor, which is conveyed in the cell membrane of lymphatic endothelial cells.

McDougall, A. (2015, July 16). Shiseido uncovers cause of sagging skin and suggests pine cone extract may be the cure.

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