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An Introduction to Teen Skin

Written by   Christine Heathman, L.M.E., L.M.T., owner and CEO of GlyMed Plus

Teenager appears to be the expressive idiom for uncontrollable hormones as adolescent bodies experience various physiological changes, including skin and body transformations. These changes can result in unwelcome acne and weight gain, which can directly affect a teenager's self-image. It is a complicated time of life for these young men and women. Professionally speaking, skin care professionals should pay close attention to this important, youthful consumer market and offer specialized skin treatments in their spas to serve teenage skin care needs.

To gain an understanding of the complexities in a teenager’s body that directly affects their skin and self-image, it is imperative for professionals to have a basic knowledge of the human anatomy as it relates specifically to teenagers. It is also important for professionals to realize that a teenager’s social needs are important because it revolves around friendships and romantic attachments to validate their self-esteem. During puberty and social development, many teenagers struggle with their self-esteem and body image primarily due to the many changes their body and skin is experiencing.

When treating a teenage client, be aware of their comfort level and follow these simple rules when first meeting the young and inexperienced client:

1. Explore the teenager’s own views regarding their skin and self-image.
2. Ask questions about school, job, diet, and use of drugs as each can increase the severity of acne.
3. Speak frankly about treatment to
    avoid unrealistic expectations leading
    to disappointment.
4. State that acne is not contagious and is not an infection. Educate them on what really is happening with their skin and
    this condition.

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