Mark Viktora, president of Viktoria De’Ann Peptide Cosmeceuticals

As he pursued his career in skin care, he found his motivations began to shift and evolve and he began to change as a person.  


Mark Viktora, president of Viktoria De’Ann Peptide Cosmeceuticals, holds degrees in biochemistry and biology. Mark’s naturally innovative nature extended to his work as a biochemist when he began researching pharmaceutical peptides in 2005 with his father’s company. At that time, his work focused on growth hormone therapy, potential treatments for autism, and peptides that target cancer.


During this time, Mark discovered many new peptides, some of which involved pharmaceutical molecules with compelling therapeutic benefits for the skin. Mark conducted further research on those proprietary pharmaceutical therapies. Confirming their therapeutic benefits and results, Mark decided to use this innovative technology in Viktoria De’ Ann Peptide Cosmeceuticals.


His initial discoveries revealed numerous, unique actives that support the health, repair, and rejuvenation of skin cells. From those compounds, Mark developed powerful formulations that penetrate deep into the skin in a safe, effective manner. Hearing that these formulations exceeded patient and healthcare provider expectations, Mark realized the value of these products. He also saw the business opportunity they could lead to, providing results to individuals in need of clinical skin care. What he did not realize was how this business-focused direction would change him as a person and, ultimately, change how he used his knowledge and experience.


The cosmeceuticals business grew and Mark soon achieved his initial dream of building a successful business. But, then, his goals changed. Instead of pursuing a profit, Mark realized another more valuable reason for using his expertise in the lab – improving the lives of countless individuals, while making a positive impact on the skin care industry.


It is with his passion for helping others that Mark leads the Viktoria De’Ann team. Daily, it is his mission to find solutions that create positive benefits through transformative treatments for those who need them. This, along with the desire to take a more holistic approach to skin care is why all peptide research, evaluation, and synthesis is conducted in an FDA-registered state-of-the-art Viktoria De’Ann laboratory. The active peptides are formulated and manufactured into final products in-house, as well.



“I have known Mark Viktora for over a decade and one of the things that has impressed me the most about him is his commitment to bringing the most effective peptide treatments to aestheticians that deliver amazing results. His integrity and sincere desire to change clients’ skin sets him apart. He continues to support the professionals, driving this positive impact in changing lives.” Susan Currey, spa owner and aesthetician

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