Tina Abnoosi, founder, CEO, and president of TAMA Research and Ali Shambayati, founder and CTO of TAMA Research

Seeking solutions for healing unresponsive nerves, they combined their skills to develop game-changing technology.


Tina Abnoosi is founder, CEO, and president of TAMA Research. She is an electrical engineer with 37 years of experience in the design and manufacturing of electrical and electronic components. Tina is also a licensed aesthetician, with more than 15 years of experience with microcurrent equipment, treatments, and techniques.


Ali Shambayati is founder and CTO of TAMA Research and directs the research and development efforts at the company. He has 35 years of experience in the engineering field. His research in biomedical engineering lead to the development of Adaptive Stimulation Algorithm (ASA) and MetaWave (M2W) – the patented, proprietary mathematical and electronic engines at the heart of TAMA Smart Microcurrent Systems.


It was during her child’s lifelong battle with cerebral palsy that Tina’s journey to found and establish TAMA Research began. “Never able to walk or talk, my daughter was wheelchair-bound and her limbs would become so tight and spastic,” said Tina. “I found a small amount of electrotherapy to be resourceful in providing relief to her muscles, helping her gain balance, and helping her body heal.”


However, Tina found the existing equipment on the market to be outdated and cumbersome, as well as uncomfortable for her daughter to receive. She claimed, “I felt a lot of devices could not deliver sustainable results.”


As an electrical engineer, Tina was inspired to find a better solution. “After my daughter’s passing, I found the courage to pursue my vision of providing the world a device that would connect, heal, and rejuvenate the body through electrical current, as a tribute to her.”


Then, Tina met Ali Shambayati, who would become a key figure in bringing this vision to life. Inspired by his own experience with paralysis and the healing capabilities of electrical therapy, Ali set his own goal 25 years ago to design a piece of equipment to heal unresponsive nerves. Upon meeting Tina, Ali saw the right opportunity to bring his enduring mission to life.


Fueled by a common passion for holistic methods toward health and beauty, the two teamed their skills in nano and microcurrent to create a novel technology.


Together they founded TAMA Research and began their work in developing rejuvenating therapy options that focused on rebalancing cellular activity.


Then, Tina and Ali went a step further by bridging the gap between science, health, and beauty. They designed the first app-connected microcurrent device, synced through Bluetooth to a tablet running the TAMA app. Their design was inspired by their vision to make microcurrent more accessible, so all can benefit from the cell-balancing and health-inducing benefits, while also making the treatment efficient, effective, and enjoyable for medical and aesthetic professionals to provide.



“Ali and Tina began to speak with me in terms of science and not profitability for clients’ services. I was extremely impressed with this genuine interest. I have come to appreciate them as great colleagues and consider them my absolute friends in science.” Erin Madigan-Fleck, N.M.D., C.D.T., L.M.C, L.E.I., owner of DermaEducation TV

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