Danielle Munley and Emily Sindlinger, co-founders of Sorella Apothecary

With backgrounds in aesthetics and marketing, these sisters by marriage put their skills and passions together to create the company of their dreams.


Danielle Munley and Emily Sindlinger, co-founders of Sorella Apothecary, have completely different backgrounds, but have always shared a love for skin care and all things beauty. They had casually been in each other’s lives since kindergarten, but were reconnected when Emily dated and married Danielle’s brother, making them sisters and officially family.


Sorella Apothecary started as a dream that Danielle and Emily shared over family gatherings and everyday life. They were inspired to look to the old-world approach of natural ingredients coupled with innovation and science and dreamt of creating a line that was beautiful both on the inside and out. It would include clean yet effective ingredients and beautiful packaging and would bring balance and harmony to the skin while supporting the skin’s natural barrier.


Emily has a background in aesthetics, owning her own spa for 13 years. She specialized in finding balance for her clients’ skin, whether they struggled with acne or wanted to prevent aging. As she grew her own spa, her passion evolved into training her aestheticians and becoming an advocate for their success. Her ideal skin care line included a brand that would cater to the spa owner and aesthetician and work to improve their business, while supporting their business needs. She wanted to help those who partnered with Sorella and work to grow their businesses as much as she did her own.


Danielle has a background in marketing and has always been a self-proclaimed skin care junkie. She was inspired to create a professional line that was truly transparent, effective, and unique. Part of this uniqueness came in the form of beautiful packaging that inspired customers to indulge in the self-care their skin deserved – a line clients loved to leave out on their countertops and a line that spa owners enjoyed retailing because of how much clients were attracted to the packaging and beautiful product inside.


Starting a business and developing a line that met their dreams and expectations was no small task. Year after year, Danielle and Emily revised and honed Sorella. Every product became a part of them, and they were not willing to launch until they loved each one as much as the next. Some products had 60 revisions, while others were exactly what they dreamt of on the first try. Five years of blood, sweat, and tears went into the line. When it came time to name their company, “Sorella” stood out to Emily and Danielle for its beautiful sound and meaning, “sister” in Italian. “Apothecary” represented their back to basics, clean approach.


Today, the company is ever evolving and the two are working hard to meet their spa partners’ needs, and product launches are still handled with intense precision and care.



“Emily and Danielle are brilliant creatives and their partnership has brought an amazing product line into the beauty industry. Danielle’s expertise in marketing combined with Emily’s experience as a licensed aesthetician and spa owner genuinely supports an aesthetician’s mission to create beauty and success.” Lori Crete, L.E., founder of The Beauty Biz Club

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