Lisa VanBockern, owner and founder of Skin Script Skin Care

A personal touch and dedication to education helped make her business what it is today.


Lisa VanBockern, owner and founder of Skin Script Skin Care, floundered through careers looking for something that sparked her interest. At the age of 40, she became an aesthetician and started working in a medical spa. Her passion for skin and the changes possible sparked not only an interest, but an enthusiasm, to learn more and more about ingredients and the interaction of skin with ingredients, hormones, and nutrition. For Lisa, it went beyond skin – it was the personal touch of meeting each new client and learning about them and their habits that affected the skin.


Lisa struggled with companies that wanted to sell the line rather than allow her to cherry pick her favorites. In 2006, she called a chemist and spent the next year designing Skin Script. After a successful launch, she started marketing efforts to licensed aestheticians, spas, and salons. “There was a lot of spaghetti marketing where we threw a lot of ideas at the wall to see what would stick. There was a lot of time in the beginning to reflect on our purpose and we almost didn’t make it due to the 2009 recession.” She traveled the United States hosting trainings. Lisa learned early that hard sales tactics were not the answer. Building the relationship and understanding what creates success for the aesthetician worked. Monthly facial sets and marketing ideas worked, customer service worked, fast shipping worked, and quality education worked.


Lisa has a nice approach in training the basics. Her training classes emphasize the importance of exfoliants and making wise choices in treatments rather than relying on protocols. She sets the professional free to experiment with ingredient choices; she will tell you there is not one way to approach skin care and that it must be customized for each client.


If you ask Lisa what her formula for success is, she might say “give before you receive” and that is exactly what she does with her educational classes. She is not afraid to share her education and experiences (good and bad) so that others can succeed. Most training classes are complimentary or minimal cost. Lisa cares about aestheticians and their success. She has intentionally kept Skin Script off eBay and Amazon to allow aestheticians to make their profit. It goes back to that relationship with the customer and ensuring there is success all around in business and the effects of great skin care.


On a personal level, Lisa is a proud Arizona State University Sun Devil 100 member and believes in the power of education. Skin Script provides its employees with on-going education allowance.



“I truly admire Lisa’s hard work and dedication to the beauty industry – her passion is positively impacting the lives of hard-working beauty practitioners.” Lori Crete, L.E., founder of The Beauty Biz Club

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