Bella Schneider, founder and CEO of LaBelle Day Spas and Salons and Bella Schneider Beauty LLC

Once a 14-year-old working for a local spa, today she’s running a thriving business in Silicon Valley.


Bella Schneider is the founder and CEO of LaBelle Day Spas and Salons and Bella Schneider Beauty LLC. From an early age, Bella was fascinated with skin care and positive vanity. As a teenager growing up in eastern Europe and Israel, Bella suffered from acne and pleaded with her mother to take her to an aesthetician for help. Her mother took her to a local spa where the aestheticians created formulations in front of Bella’s eyes that healed her skin. From that experience, she was hooked and asked to apprentice at the spa – she was 14 at the time.


The wealth of knowledge Bella absorbed working at the spa throughout her teenage years carried over with her when she attended business school at UC Berkeley. She worked as an aesthetician to pay for school and never dreamt that this was the business she would then create years later. However, that is exactly what happened. Having grown up around European beauty standards, she immediately noticed the lack of aesthetic care in the Bay Area of California.


Once she graduated, she decided to combine her management skills with her true passion and established a European-style beauty center in the heart of San Francisco. Her mission to empower women by making them feel and look their most beautiful was thus born. Her spa was instantly booked, so much so that her clients asked her to create not only one more location, but two additional salons in the heart of Silicon Valley.


As time and the clients’ needs changed, Bella brought on full-body spa services, as well as hair salons to meet all her clients’ needs under one roof. As the Silicon Valley boomed, her clients were hungry for an oasis where they could get all of their beauty services done together with professionalism and precision.


For 40 years, her spas have been the go-to location amongst the affluent community in the Bay Area (politicians, Silicon Valley executives, celebrities who visit and reside in the area, and so forth). From Audrey Hepburn to Arriana Huffington, they have passed through the doors of LaBelle Day Spas and Salons.


Bella’s success is owed to her hands-on approach. To this day, she still performs services and market tests her formulations. Within the spirit of customization, her Bella Schneider Beauty product line of retail and professional products customizes to the varied needs of diverse clientele with unique skin requirements, busy lives, and varied backgrounds. Her second inspiration is to never stop innovating and expanding.


In addition, Bella is the recipient of the prestigious Crystal Award and publishes regularly on aesthetic topics in DERMASCOPE Magazine, as well as other industry publications.



“What Bella has single handedly built, right in the heart of Silicon Valley, is something I cannot begin to express how much pride I felt to be a small part of. Working for Bella and alongside some of the most talented aestheticians in the Bay Area and in the industry inspired me every single day.” Mona Hurst, aesthetician and owner of Once Upon a Makeover

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