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Welcome to MyBlog!

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Welcome to MyBlog!

MyBlog is a feature packed, AJAX enabled replacement for the Joomla! Blog component.

  1. QuickPost: Choose What to Post
    When you're in need of a quick, simple posts, you crave for a simple interface that meets that need. Enjoy that with QuickPost! Have different styles for different types of contents: Text, Photo, Video and also Quote.

  2. Social Media Integration
    Sharing just got easier. Your visitors are able to like your entries to share with others on Facebook, +1 to publicly recommend on Google+, and share your entries on Twitter!
  3. Auto-save
    No more second guessing as to whether or not your work is saved.
    Write your entries minus the anxiousness.
  4. Publish to JomSocial
    MyBlog works with the award-winning (Best Joomla App) social network provider, JomSocial.
    Share with your social network whenever you've published an entry. Have others be able to 'Like' it too.

  5. Feeds
    Allow others to subscribe to your blog easily. MyBlog supports both RSS and Atom, which are widely supported in all major consumer feed readers.

Contact Us
We are constantly discussing tweaks and larger changes, and we are more than happy to receive ideas from you. We welcome any inquiries and look forward to feedback from you. Feel free to send us an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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