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Hi, I am a new business and am trying to find the best merchant service. Everyone around me uses square, but they take a lot out of each transaction. I also need a merchant service that allows me to send invoices for deposits.  TIA, Michaela Rody 
 •  Asked 5 months ago  •  by Michaela Rody

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There are many options for merchant services but what makes one best for your business will be determined by several factors. The number of total transactions per month and total cash volume can heavily impact your merchant fees. A lot of merchant processors charge a per transaction fee on top of their processing rate (2.6% processing rate + .10 transaction fee). These per transaction fees can quickly add up if you process a high volume of credit cards so it’s important to investigate all merchant fees before making your decision.

Numerous merchant services allow you to send invoices for deposits including but not limited to:

  • Square
  • Stripe
  • PayPal
  • Intuit
  • net (payment gateway)
  • Amazon Payments (requires website integration)
Answered 5 months ago  •  by Justin Dotterweich

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