Classic Campaigns

These classic advertisements highlight dominant companies that marketed with DERMASCOPE during the early years and have grown alongside the magazine. Take a look at these vintage campaigns and read about how they changed with the company.



"Since 1956, BABOR, a family-owned company and the world leader in professional skin care, has set the global standard for luxurious, innovative, and results-driven cosmetics and wellness rituals. Our experts harvest powerful, natural ingredients to create revolutionary, anti-aging formulations and treatments that produce results you can see and feel. Our advertisements, both old and new, are a fitting nod to our brand voice over the years. The visuals and messaging have always reflected BABOR's core philosophy and heritage in addition to our affinity for luxury, innovation, and results."








"Education makes us a leader in this industry. We believe that we create the highest quality, most forward thinking products and technology in the world. However, this is only half of the formula for success. The balance remains in the knowledge and confidence to utilize Bio-Therapeutic products and technology to their full potential. It is the synergy between knowledge, instinct, intuition, touch, and technology that allow skin care professionals to create the most advanced, results-oriented services that are nothing short of amazing. Our marketing voice has always embraced this message, whether it be in words or image. We always champion the skin care professional!"







"There is one word to describe what has made us a leader in this industry: customization. Our goal is to create products and treatments that target all skin types and concerns through customization – our advertisements reflect this goal. In our advertisements, we stress the fact that Bioelements is the only professional line that lets you become a cosmetic chemist in the treatment room. Today, our Custom Blending System is just one of the many ways we deliver high levels of effective, potent ingredients and utilize the best that science and nature can deliver."







CBI Laboratories
"From our spas, salons, and resorts, to our physicians and custom-manufacturing clients, we are continually driven by the desire to exceed the industry's highest expectations. While most skin care advertisements feature glamorous, soft-focus images to showcase their products, ours typically do not. We view our role as one of support for those we work with. By helping them overcome obstacles, we ensure that it is our customers who shine in the marketplace."








Cinema Secrets
"Cinema Secrets has remained a leader in our industry by always placing education at the forefront of our product development and brand image. We have worked to reflect this belief in our advertising over the years. Consumers are drawn as much to education about a particular product as they are to the look of the product or packaging. There is no better way to introduce new items to the market than through positive word of mouth and well-generated advertisement placements. Proper focus can certainly aide in that endeavor."








"Dermalogica, which has a no nonsense approach to skin care, has never been a brand that believes in pampering, indulgence, or beauty. We do not hire any outside models for our advertisements; all of the people you see are real life skin care professionals or Dermalogica team members. Also, we will never include false claims in our advertisements. We have all seen enough empty promises and the smoke and mirrors of the 'beauty myth.' It is about hard working products and treatments that achieve maximum results in minimum time and bring skin to its optimum level of health."








DR. GRANDEL Kosmetik
"Brand management without advertisement is almost impossible. Since the 1980s, DERMASCOPE has provided DR. GRANDEL Kosmetik with a qualified and professional setting for continuous brand development and visibility. When we started distributing in the United States, which was completely unheard of at that time, we utilized Neuschwanstein Castle as a key visual. Today, the focus naturally is set on our brand, DR. GRANDEL Kosmetik. Our claim, 'In love with perfection,' points out the brand promises."








GlyMed Plus
"Dedication to our industry sets us apart. When you look at GlyMed Plus as a company, its people, and our advertisments, you see a group of people dedicated to the industry and the skin care professional. 'I am an Aesthetician' is who I am and who we are."










Gunilla of Sweden
"Separate yourself from the pack. You do not have to be the best; you only have to be different. Bob Dylan was famous because he was something different, not because he was the best singer. If you are different, you will stand out more and your advertising will be more effective because you will not have to scream as loud to be noticed."









Pevonia® Botanica
"We have remained a leader in aesthetics due to our commitment to the professional industry and the dedication of our topnotch educators. Our advertising has always been tailored toward empowering the skin care professional and ensuring them that partnering with Pevonia means a partner in enhanced success and an increase on their bottom line."








Perron Rigot
"Our commitment to the professional as our partner and always listening to their needs makes us a leader in the industry. Our advertisements represent a modern and vibrant image to both men and women by providing exceptional, innovative, and quality beauty products."









YON-KA Paris
"For more than 60 years, our mission has been to positively affect the energy levels of those we touch using natural and sustainability-sourced plant actives. Formulated to reactivate the skin's innate reparative processes and inner beauty, YON-KA Paris is a lifestyle brand that is synchronized with casual luxury. The classic YON-KA advertisement showcased nature as the cornerstone of our brand then, as it still is today. More than 75 percent of the collection contains 90 percent pure, natural ingredients. Advanced botanical science and the promise of beautiful skin, without compromise, is our obsession."


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