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Hi, I am looking for some continuing education in waxing techniques. I have been waxing for 7 years but am looking for some advanced techniques/products to use. I am located in WA state but would be willing to travel for the appropriate trade show that offers classes like this.   TIA, Michaela Rody
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Hi Michaela,

If you are truly searching for advanced hair removal techniques, I recommend professional sugaring. With the proper educational programs in professional sugaring, you will learn to permanently reduce hair growth in a much shorter time than using conventional wax/resin products and methods. And, if you are one for furthering your skills and knowledge, the Alexandria Professional systems offer Master Classes as well.

I should mention that "technique" truly matters when it comes to pro-sugaring which can enhance each client's experience - both in results to the skin and to their overall satisfaction with the sensation of the treatments.

There is so much more to what can be accomplished with pro-sugaring that you can double up results - one from the point of hair removal and one from the point of improving the skin's integrity. That is why we call even our basic course the Advanced Body Sugaring hair removal system.

If learning a whole new method/technique/system is not what you wish to consider at this time, there is also another method of "waxing" called KiSS Waxing which uses a squeeze bottle to dispense the waxing product. The method is quite similar to conventional waxing in that it uses a spatula to spread and a strip to remove it from the skin. There is a pleasant twist to this product and method where the product is applied very thin making it economical, and it can be applied several times to an area without damaging the skin. The reason is that it is actually a sugar product but formulated to be used in a waxing method. 


I would like to mention that AP (Alexandria Professional) will also be launching our online academy later this month and we have a webinar scheduled on Friday, June 26 at 2 PM EST. Click here to register.

Here are some links for you to review at your leisure. 

Alexandria Professional Sugaring Demo

KiSS Waxing Video

Best wishes on your search and much success to you!

Lina Kennedy

Answered 2 years ago  •  by Lina Kennedy

Hi Michaela,

Unfortunately with everything happening right now, we don't have any in-person trainings planned, but we do have a training website LYCON U where we have some courses available as well as some videos. 

Let me know if you need anything else!


Answered 2 years ago  •  by Lindsay Miller

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