Leigh Ann

I'm new to the industry but want to learn sugaring. With the pandemic I do not feel comfortable taking in person classes. I understand this is a hands on training but how do you feel about online classes during this unique time we are living in. How do I choose a class and product line?

 •  Asked 1 year ago  •  by Leigh Ann Hernandez

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Hi Leigh Ann,

Thank you for your submission! You are right these times can present various challenges that we must overcome especially when it comes to in person/ hands on training. There are a lot of brands that do offer live and previously recorded webinars, education videos as well as zoom/ skpye training sessions. Finding a company that offers that additional educational support is always helpful as you navigate a new product line or service. 

Brands have adapted and many do offer online training classes. These classes and education options should be visible on their websites or social media pages. It is always advisable to look into the products and offerings prior to committing to a purchase.

Good luck with your search!


Answered 1 year ago  •  by Lindsay Miller

Hello Leigh Ann...while these are certainly unprecedented times, you must continue to grow and educate your self...especially as a new esthetician.

For now, on line is your only option, but it doesn't necessarily mean it's a bad one.  You need to keep in mind that any class that is "hands on" will never prepare you fully to walk out the door and perform perfectly, practice makes perfect.

First, find a reputable sugaring company.  Check out web its, customer reviews...ask about referrals.  Don't just e-mail, call.  Talk to a representative and get a feel for the company.  This will likely nail down the right vendor.  Customer service is essential, and when you can talk to an owner, manufacturer or superior sales rep; then you have a new "partner".  If the company is truly a quality standard, they will offer training, access to webinars or videos, or even one on one zoom training.  Then they will also make themselves available for questions that you have as you perfect your skills and grow your business.

You're responsibility will be to do your homework and feel 100% about the brand or class that you are choosing.  Then you must practice, practice, practice.

I reccomend always finding training direct from a product manufacturer, or from a licensed educational facility.  Just my professional opinion as an educator myself.  Taking a class from a spa/salon owner or licensed esthetician that is simply skilled at sugaring, is not a guarantee for quality training. 

Good Luck!

Michelle Brenner



Answered 1 year ago  •  by Michelle D'Allaird-Brenner

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